p.s amy is four emily is eight abby is two kyle is five jade is nine mckayla is one annie is seven lucy is six mouths amber is three katie is six thats old the kids are the parnets are joni is 15 freddie is 15 kirstina is 17 phobe is 18 nick is 18

(with joni and freddie)


joni: yes jade

jade:kayla is walking

joni: freddie kayla is walking

freddie: oh my god kayla

kayla: daddy 1 what i can't walk

kyle: hi mommy

catiyln was joni and freddie 13 year old girl

catiyln: mom hi kayla


kyle: catiyln!


joni:im pregent the babies are coming

(at the hopital)

(the babies come out)

joni: im naming them jaynny lisa benson and gabrilla sabrina benson

p.s joni is chaning her name to carly now so kirstina calls her carly now does her family

freddie: carly jade catiyln kyle mckayla gabby and jaynny

carly: freddie

jade: daddy

catiyln: dad


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