kirstina: carly


kirstina: freddie is gone with jade to the store oh and he said he wants to marry you carly


kirstina: yes go tell molly and grace

(carly went tell molly and grace)

molly: so you are getting married

carly; well freddie didn't ask me yet but kirstina told me that he was

grace:molly she can't tell cassey right

molly:yes she can not tell cassey

cassey:tell me what

grace:noning cassey

cassey: wait carly are you getting married

molly: how did you know cassey simon

cassey: i hread you guys talking in class about it so i just came over here and knew carly was getting married

molly: who told you

cassey: stvie told me

grace: how dare her she herad us talking in class dumb stvie

carly and molly: yeah grace is right she did hear us talking in class ms. zans would have herad us too but she didn't she was sleping witch was werid i we hate when teachers sleep it is boring to watch them so we got out of class early stvie must have herad us talking to carly and told you we would have told you cause we are getting you back in the perfs so thats why would have told you cassey we are sorry wedid not tell you sooner we should haved told you early we are sorry

cassey: forgive you guys im quit gravtie 5 cause im the prefs know they will be gavrtie 4 not 5

carly: thats our cassey

grace: yeah it is

molly: yep you are right

cassey: the prefs are back together

molly: yeah cassey wanna be in a music viedo with us

cassey: yes i would molly

stvie; what your quiting

cassey: yes

(the prefs wer poular again and so was caasey)

(at home with carly and molly)

freddie: carly badrssley will you marry me

carly; yes i will freddie benson

moly: aw my sister is getting married

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