joni: kirtina you are die

kirtina:mom joni said im died you know what joni you are died

joni: mom the cheerleader is chass me

hellen: joni kirtina you two stop

frank: hellen the are not good girls sometimes

kirtina: dad she is talk her dumb freddie

joni: kirtina

kirtina: what

joni: did say my boyfriend is dumb

kirtina: yes i did you need it sis

joni: no i don't

frank: kirtina say your sorry to your sister

kirtina:fine im sorry joni i said freddie was dumb

joni: thank you kirtina

phobe:joni dylon wants you

dylon: joni freddie is look for you

joni: what kirtina

kirtina:yes my sister

joni: should i tell freddie im pregent

kirtina: yea but don't let mom and dad find out they kill you know right

joni:got it sis

(joni walks to freddie just than her brother willam comes to her)

willam:joni are you pregent with a baby


willam:ooo im mom and dad

joni: no willam don't they will kill me kirtina said for mom and dad not find out


(at the house)

eathan: what joni you are pergent

joni: sh eathan

eathan: sorry sis you didn't want me to say that

joni: no eathan i don't

eathan: why not

joni: cause i don't want mom and dad to find out

jimmy:mom joni is pregent

hellen:she is what

frank: joni is what

jimmy: joni is pregent

hellen: what

frank: kirtina

kirtina:yes dad

frank: is your sister pregent

kirtina: witch one dad

frank: joni

kirtina:joni is she pregent

frank:yes kirtina

kirtina: well yes she is pregent i said for not tell

jimmy: kirtina i herad her and ethan talk so i tought i would tell mom and dad it

kirtina: jimmy i didn't want mom and dadto find that out

jimmy:sorry kirtina i told

(kirtina ran up stairs she shared with her sisters joni and phobe)

joni: kirtina


phobe: hey sisters whats up

kirtina: phobe joni is pregent

phobe: aw joni really thats nice does mom and dad know shes pregent

kirtina:yes they do jimmy told them cause he heard joni and eathan talking so then we went go tell mom and dad then dad called me and i said was ture that joni is pregent

joni:kirtina really it was jimmy who told mom and dad that i'm pregent

kirtina:yes it was jimmiy

joni: jimmy you are died

kirtina:joni come down

joni: kirtina i can't mom and dad know i'm pregent

jimmy: joni i'm sorry

joni:its to late for sorry

(the next morning breakfest)

kirtina: mom

hellen:yes kirtina

kirtina:joni tell mom

joni:mom it's ture i'm pregent

hellen:frank it's ture

(frank runs in)

frank: what's ture

hellen: that joni is pregent

frank:joni katie bressley

joni: dad it's ture

frank: really joni

joni: yes dad

kelly: joni it's ture your pregent

joni:yes kelly it is ture that im prgent

(kelly finds fredie and tells him the news about joni)

kelly:hi freddie im kelly joni's sister

freddie:what is wrong with joni

kelly:nonthing joni is just pregent that's all

freddie:joni is that ture that your pregent with our baby

joni: yes freddie it is ture that im pregent with our baby

(six mouths later)

joni:mom the baby is coming

hellen: oh my god

kirtina: what mom

phobe:what mom

kely: what mom

willam; what mom

dylon: whaty mom

hellen; your sisters baby is coming

all the kids: what it is

ms. benea: what joni is pregent

all the them:yes joni is pregent

hellen; you just stay here to make sure frank knows we are at the hopital

kirtina: joni you want me to call freddie

joni: yes kirtina

(kirtina calls freddie)

(freddie runs in)

freddie: joni are you ok

joni: ye i'm fine feddie

(the baby comes out just then frank wlks thourght the door)

joni: i'm going to name her jade kirtina benson

kirtina: her middle name is named after me phobe im we are finally aunts and uncles yea i can't bevile im a aunt hey there jade im your aunt kirtina

helen; im your grandma

frank:im your grandpa

jade: crys

three years later


joni:yes jade

jade:where is aunt kirtina

(kirtina comes in)

kirtina:joni im pregent

joni:kirtina what is the baby

kirtina:it is a girl

six mouths later

kirtina:joni will name her emily joni luacs\

joni:aw after me

kirtina: yea the middle cause you named jade's middle name after me so yea joni i'm name my little girl's middle name after you.

joni: aw thanks kirtina your the best sister ever.

kirtina: thanks joni. hey joni can you get nick?

joni :sure i can!

kirtina: thanks joni my sister

jade: aunt kirtina

kirtina:jade there you are your mom was looking for you

jade:aunt kirtina wheres daddy

kirtina: i don't know jade

(freddie comes in)

freddie: hey kirtina wheres joni

kirtina: she is calling my boyfriend nick cause i'm pregent with his baby you named after joni well the middle name is but her first name is emily.

freddie: ok i will just wait here for joni

(joni comes in)

joni: hey baby

freddie: hey sweetie how are my girls

joni: we are fine baby

kirtina: joni is nick coming

joni: no he is not

kirtina: ican't do this out nick here

joni: yes you can kirtina

kirtina: do think phobe and the rest are having party cause mom and dad are at dinner weding for aunt lisa and uncle jay

joni: yea i think they are

(the comes out)

kirtina: im her emily joni luacs

(at the house)

(in kirtina's car)

kirtina: yep was ture they were having a party

joni: how can you tell

kirtina: there is lot of cars here where do i park

joni: do not know how about in the back kirtina

kirtina:good ieda

(just then there parents come home)

frank: raise your hand if live here

every body raised there hands

jade: mommy i live here

joni: yea dad jade is my baby girl

kirtina: dad emily lives here too emily is my baby girl

frank: you two had kids

joni and kirtina: yea jade and emily

frank: oh yea know joni had kid named jade but not kirtina

kirtina: sorry dad i did not tell you that was pregent joni told me to keep it sercte so sorry dad

hellen:kirtina you had a kid when

kirtina: well me and joni just got home with jade and emily and freddie too

frank: ok so two were not in this party thing

kirtina:nope we were not dad can go to our room dad

frank: yes not you phobe or youn guys im mad you kids your sisters came home ans saw this party so thats why kirtina had to park her car in the back of the house

phobe: i did not start this was the boys plan not mine so can go to my room that share joni and kirtina

frank:yes phobe you can go to your room

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