• Emlick96

    creddie eliminated?

    August 26, 2010 by Emlick96

    I've heard on the iCarly wikia that iSaved Your Life eliminated Creddie as a possible ship. My view on Creddie is that Carly liked Freddie BEFORE iSaved Your Life. Carly has an act of getting VERY jealous when Freddie talks about other girls.

    EX: iFight Shelby Marx :" I thought you wanted me to be your future wife? "

    EX: in iThink They Kissed, Carly was FREAKING OUT that Sam and Freddie kissed.

    EX: in iSaved Your Life, Carly got jealous when that girl came up to Freddie to invite him to a party.

    I have also heard that Carly needs "special circumstances" to get close to Freddie, meanwhile in iSpeed Date she didn't think twice about dancing with him and was originally going to kiss him.

    Does anybody agree with me?

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