hey here it is yay yoo!

p.s kirana is 8 bailee is 6 the four twins are 1 maria is 2 david is 5 marie is 4 a kyle is 7 and selena is 10

selena: hey little sister :)

kirana: hey big sister :)

the twins: where mommy :(

selena and kirana: we don't know guys:(

the twins: its ok big sissys

kirana: we know our little sisters

miranda: kids i'm home with you new baby sister hannah kay kress

kirana: she is so cute

selena: yeah she is mom

the twins: yeah mommy she is a cutie pie

season 1 parts

season2 10 parts

season3 11 parts

season4 12 parts

season5 13 parts

season final6 14 parts

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