miranda cosgrove as miranda kress

nathan kress as himself

kirana kress as herself

amy adams as lilanna amys

jennette mcurdy as jennette amys

david henrie as david amys

baliee madison as bailee kress

china anne mcailan as brynna kress

serria mcomick as kaylee kress

seftine scott as giny kress

colorline sunshine as jordan kress

zandaya coolman as gabby amys

bella thorne as lexi amys

airanna grande as katie kress

victoira justice as fiona kress

aira wallz as aira amys

venssea anne hudsen as janny kress

elizabeth gilles as jenny paterson

danilla mona as mckayla kress

rechal riley as rechal paterson

taylor swift as carrie amys

ashley tisdale as hannah kress

carly bonder as gina kress

cepioqe miller as casey amys

samntha something as molly kress

something something as grace amys p.s i don't know samntha's last name annd grace from how to rocks real name or last name sorry.

james malsoh as james henrrys

kendell smdit as kendell kress

carlos jr pena as carlos candycanes

logan henderson as logan amys

jt austin as max kress

selena gomez as selena kress

demi lavoto as demi amys

ana marie ten as ana kress

nathita something as natile kress

jade russthy as jade kress

kelly kelly as alison amys

katy parry as bailey amys

bridet mendler as teddy kress

mia tanion as chorltte kress i can't spell mia's last name sorry guys or nina's from house of aunibs or jade's last from house of aunibs sorry guys i can not spell long words or names or last names

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