miranda:ow it hurts

nathan: it ok sweetie

miranda: no it is not nathan it hurts bad

nathan: i know sweetie\

kirana: mommy you do this

miranda: thanks kirana

jennette: rechal get in here

rechal: what mom

jennette: where is lily

(lily comes in)

lily: hey mom

jennette: ware wre you lily

lil: over ther playing with kirana and baliee's little sisters jordan brynna kaylee and giny

jennette: ok lily hey david

david: hey jennette sweetheart

lily: dad hi

david: hello lils

kirana: hi uncle david

david:hello kirana

baliee: kirana the baby is out of mom

kirana: what is it

baliee: it a girl

kirana: her can be jade jaynn kress

baliee: thats good go tell mom kirana

(kirana goes in)

kirana: hey mom can we name her jade jaynn kress

miranda: thats a pretty name for her kirana

nathan; what is cute for her

kirana: my sisters name

miranda; nathan

nathan: what is her name miranda or kirana

kirana: jade jaynn kress

nathan; thats cute for her hi jadey it daddy

miranda: nathan don't call her that

nathan: why you like don't you jade

jennette: aw who is this little girl

miranda: jennette this is your nince jade

brynna: she is cutep.s kirana is 6 lily is11

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