(at the hoptial)

jennette: hi nurse um.. miranda kress

doctor aelxanrder: oh there is no miranda kress here

jennette: yes there is nathan kress's wife

nurse jaynn: oh doctor alex she is right there a girl named miranda kress here your name is jennette right

jennette: yeah im jennette

nurse jaynn: my kids love your show and music

jennette: thank you jaynn what are there names

nurse jaynn: summer and rena

jennette: i like rena' s name

nurse jaynn: thank you mrs. amys

jennette: im jennette amys yep

lily: im lilanna amys

(in miranda's room)\

miranda: where is jen

nathan: she will be here

(jennette comes in)

miranda: there you are jen

jennette: here i am

lily: mommy

jennette: what bart

nathan: jennette why call her a bart

jennette: because she was all the away here it's ayonreally im not kiding

miranda: we bevile you jen

kirana; hey lils

lily: hey kirana

(they come out)

miranda: let's name them jordan kayla kress brynna lisa kress kaylee tay kress and giny rose kress

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