hey guys its creddiesxxmisslittlelovley i told you i would make this as soon as i could


nathan:what sweetie pie

miranda:i love you nathan baby

nathan:i love you too sweetie pie

bailee:daddy mom has marie in tummy

six mouths later

miranda:lets name her marie lizzy kress

nathan:aw that is cute sweetie pie

kirana:she so cute mom

p.s kirana is 8 lily is 12 bailee is 5 jordan is 6 kaylee is 6 brynna is 6 and ginny is 6.

miranda:where is jennette

jennette:sorry i was having my baby girls meilssa kay amys and cassey taylor amys

miranda:oh sorry jennette i just had marie lizzy kress

brynna:mommy what is her name

miranda:marie lizzy kress

(at home)


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