miranda: nathan the baby is coming

nathan: what

(at hoptial)

jennette: are you ok sis

miranda: yeah jen im fine but it hurts

jennette: i know i had lily she hurt

(lily comes in)

jennette: hey lily

lily: hey mommy (said jennette's five year old dughter)

jennette: soon you will have a baby cousin

(they came out)

nurse gabby: it a girl

miranda: aw she is so cute

(nurse gabby comes with her and hands her miranda)

nathan: what is her name sweetie

miranda: kirana elizabeth kress

nathan: that"s so cute for her (kisses her)

jennette:lily come meet your baby cousin kirana

lily: aw she so cute aunt miranda

miranda: thanks lily

lily: your welcome aunt miranda

five years later p.s kirana is five years old and lily is ten

kirana: mommy are you ok

miranda:yes kirana sweetie

At the hoptial

nathan: hi nurse gabby um... miranda kress plz im her husband nathan kress

nurse gabby: sorry you can not see mrs.kress

nathan: what she is my wife

nurse gabby: who is your wife

nathan: miranda kress is my wife

nurse gabby: oh mrs.kress witch one

nathan: mrs.miranda

nurse gabby: oh miranda kress and a girl named kirana E. kress

nathan: yes miranda and kirana elizabeth what room she in plz

nurse gabby: 107 miss kress is in wait that's mrs. nacy kress my bad ok mrs.miranda kress is room 109

wait that's mr.kress sorry ok 108 ok

nathan:ok thanks nurse gabby

nurse gabby: uor welcome

(in miranda's hoptial room)

miranda: hey sweetheart

nathan; are you ok miranda

mirand: yes i am nathan

ok next will be when miranda nathan have there litte girl named maria

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