joni: yes kirstina

kirstina: can you pass the pancakes joni

joni:sure sis (passes her the pancakes)

kirstina:thanks joni

joni: your welcome kirstina

jade: mommy

joni: yes jade



kirstina: joni does jade like pancakes

joni: no she does not kirstina.

sorry i sipked down to here.

(at school)

kirstina:joni come on sis or cool sis

joni: ok cool sister

(with kirstina the girls and joni)

(nick is kissing phobe)

kirstina: how dare you nick we are over oh you can't see emily at all now

the girls: kirstina le't go

joni: kirstina girls wait for me

kirstina: guys wait for my cool sister joni and not phobe.

the girls:ok kirstina

(in class)

mr. nicloas: joni what was that

joni: oh just my phone it my boyfriend fredddie he is worried about jade my kid well our kid

kirstina: i have kid named emily

joni: kirstina jade is the hopital

kirstina: what jade is

joni: yes kirstina

(her and kirstina said they had to thorw up so i could get out of class as soon as they got out the bell ran and then some dude came bumped them)

jay: hi kirtina and juni

kirstina:it's kirstina and joni

jay: sunt fuck up

pirncpel gina: hey jay put down joni and kirstina

jay: fuckinhg ass l;ady hell no fucking ass lady your a asshole

(takes the girls to his werehouse tapes them with each other next each other and their mouths tied onto a colth)

joni: if our kids out about this they kill so will our mom and dad

kirstina: and her boyfriend freddie they find out that we are missing they will think we are at the hopital

joni: yeah they will

(kirstina had sracamed so her mom and dad knew her joni were in tourble)

freddie: that kirstina sarcaming

hellen:it is kirstina sarcaming

frank: kirstina joni

hellen: frank they are in the werehouse there

frank: joni kirstina

freddie:joni sweetie i 'm coming for you

joni: is that them kirstina

kirstina: yeah it is them

the girls: mom dad

helen:frank(they all run in)

joni: freddie untie us qiuck baby

freddie: joni sweetie ok

kirstina: mom dad brothers and sisters!

joni:freddie my baby jade my baby


freddie:joni my sweetie

(at home)

kirstina: we are safe and sound sis

joni: did nick get you pregent again

kirstina:no why he is a jrek

joni:well freddie got me pregent again

kirstina:what joni

jimmy: joni your pregent again

joni: yes plz don't kill me

frank:we won't joni


(kirstina was died)

emily: mommy

joni: emily your mom is died cause your dad hurt her im sorry emily

emily:it's ok aunt joni

kirstina: emily



joni:kirstina it's you

kirstina:yea it's me

six mouths later

joni: im name him kyle dylon benson

kirstina: aw so cute hey kyle im your aunt kirstina

phobe:im your aunt phobe

kelly:im your aunt kelly

jimmy: im your uncle jimmy

dylon:im your uncle dylon

eathan:im your uncle eathan

willam: im your unlce willam

the rest: we are your aunts and uncles

jade:im your sister big sister like aunt kirstina and mommy well both are big sisters but mommy is the lilttle siaster too so little sister and big sister mommy is

helen: im your grandma

frank:im your granpa

joni:im your mommy

freddie: im your daddy

emily:im your cousin emily

kyle: (crys)

joni:mommys here kyle

(at home)

to be contuied

p.s kirstina is get in to a fight with phobe in this epiosde there mom and dad tell them too stop so does joni cause kyle trying to get some sleep and he can't sleep with fighting around the house nick helps phobe move out the house cause nick phobe getting married to each other so ther only 17 in all in the housse now since phobe is gone puls the joni's two kids kyle and jade and kirstina's three kids emily amy and abby joni got pregent with her third baby and joni and freddie name her mckayla danille benson so that my p.s for now

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