kirstina: joni i miss u

joni: i miss u too mom and dad are died

(they call ends sorry the call was sort)

(joni is crying)

freddie: babe whats wrong

joni: my mom and dad died last night

freddie:i'm sorry joni i bet u miss them

joni: i do freddie

alyssa:hey mommy

p.s emily is 13 abby is 7 kyle is 10 kayla is 6 annie is 12 lucy is 10 mouths amber is 7 jade is 14 anna is 4 cece is 10 carly is 11 grace is 8 molly is 9 bella is 4 sabrina is 4 bailee is 4 gabby is 4 and bailey is 1 mouth victoria is 2 nina and nadia are 3 alyssa is 5 and xavier is 1

i will get up has much as i can so bye for now its bed time oh and sorry its sort today next one will be longer this time i pinky swear and cross puls my heart put your hearts by arianna granade

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