carly:freddie im pregent

freddie; tell molly and grace and kirstina

molly: hey girl

carly: hey molly im pregent

grace: tell cassey

cassey; hey carly

carly: hey cassey im pregent

kirstina: omg i am too carly my sister


carly; yes mom

helen: is that ture again

carly: yes it is ture again well i have jade mckayla and kyle

freddie:carly i have two names isabella katie benson and anna sabrina benson

carly: i have two too bailee madison benson and gabrilla anna benson

kirstina: about grace lucy benson and molly jen benson or taylor lisa benson and hannah kayla benson

grace: name it after me

molly; no me carly

carly: ok we are having qvettles so isabella katie benson anna sabrina benson bailee madsion benson and gabrilla anna benson

six mouths later

carly; im nameing them isabella katie benson anna sabrina benson bailee madison benson and gabrilla anna benson

three years later

the kids amy is 5 abby is 3 kyle is 6 jade is 10 amber is 5 mckayla is 5 annie is 8 lucy is 5 emily is 9 katie is 7 catilyn is 14 bella is 3 anna is 3 bailee is 3 and gabby is 3 the parntes carly is 16 freddie is 16 kistina is 18 phobe is 19 nick is 19

carly: come on kids time for school

p.s jade is in 4th grade kayla is in kidgraden or 5k catiyln is in 8th grade bella is in preschool anna is in preschool bailee is in preschool gabby is in pre school kyle is in 1st grade annie is in 2nd grade lucy is in 5k emily is in third grade katie is 1st grade abby is in preschool amy is in 5k amber is in 5k.

(at school)

jade: emily

hannah: is she your sister

jade: no my cousin

sabrina: hey jade hey hannah jade do have brothers and sisters

jade:yeah one brother and six sisters

lizzy: wow thats a big fmily

jade its me ,my mom, my dad ,kyle ,kayla, catiyln, bella, anna, bailee and gabby oh yes my mom is pregent she did come up with three names but i came up with one more cause she is having 5 twins again so i said emmaline airana benson they will be borned today

at 2:00

carly: there names are grace lucy benson molly jen benson taylor lisa benson hannah kayla benson and emmaline airana benson

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