carly:its carly

kirstina:oh my bad no its joni

joni:fine you got me kirstina its me kirstina your sister

kirstina:iknew it was you joni

freddie:joni babe

joni:what sweetie

jade:mommy daddy help me

cece:mommy where he taking sissy

carly:yeah cece is right mom

joni:i don't know girls

freddie:not me don't look at me guys it was not me it was my dad you kidnapped joni kirstina and then jade

carly:why would they want mom aunt kirstina and jade

freddie:because when i was little boy my dad said he would get my girl joni and her sister someday and did he did alo say that he will take one of my kids someday witch just did

kirstina:wait your dad is jay benson

freddie:yes kirstina he is no i'm not the bad one my dad is

joni:ok i thought you were sweetie

freddie: i love you joni babe

joni:i love you too sweetie

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