p.s emily is 12 abby is 6 kyle is 9 jade 13 mckayla is 5 annie is11 lucy is 9 mouths amber is 6 joni is 18 freddie is 18 kirstina is 20 phobe is 21 and nick is 21. oh joni i will have a baby girl named bailey kayla benson

joni:kirstina you are to old to in the house

kirstina:why joni

joni:mom said once you are 20 you can't live no more i'm 18 so is freddie jade has phobe's room kayla has your room it know says mckayla 's room phobe's know says jade's room nick's know says kyle's room emily's room know says bella's room abby's room know says anna's room annie's room is know and says bailee's roomand is bailee's room

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