ok so just read this story called iwiil never go so i am making my own story

carly: cater we have to go your father's fenurel i miss him

cater: mommy ok

(at the curch)

the man: ok so freddie benson was the wife of carly benson and his kid cater benson there middle names taylor and emma

(just than at night freddie came a live)

freddie: carly babe (carly woke up)

carly: freddie i thought you were died

freddie: i never was honey i ducked down and i ran as fast i could and got to the airport as fast i could so could see you and my baby where is my baby is she borned what is her what is it

carly: yes she was borned she is in her bed it was a baby girl and her name is cater emma benson

freddie: cater is her name

carly: yes

freddie: how old is cater

carly: cater is four

(cater comes in)

cater: daddy

freddie: hey baby girl

carly: im pregent

freddie: what

carly: im pregent

freddie: what is it

carly: aouther baby girl two baby girls

(just than six mouths later)

freddie: how about emmaline airana benson and kyile meilna benson

carly: those are prefcet freddiebear

freddie: i know carlybear

cater: mommy daady they are so cute and adorble

credie: we know cater

emmaline: crys

carly: you are ok emma sweetie

freddie: i will get her carlybear

carly:freddiebear you don't have to

freddie: carlybear i want to and her

carly: freddiebear i know

cater: mommy is sister ok

carly:yes cater

emmaline: momma

freddie: carly you hear that

carly: hear what freddiebear

freddie: emma said her first word

carly: she did

freddie: yea she said momma

carly: aw

freddie: i know

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