may 15 2009

carly: im pregent

freddie: im moving

sam: i have cancer whos the father

carly: freddie is you can't do this i love you and the baby loves you too

freddie: i don't worry babe i will back for your baby's brith ok (putting his hand on her tummy)

sam: what is the baby

carly:a girl

freddie: we can name her selena gomez benson

sam: freddie so cute for your baby girl

carly:(crying) ok i will name her selena gomez benson and i love you freddie

freddie: i will tell my mom that i will back for our baby girl's birth i mean selena

(at freddie's house)

freddie:mom i need to tell you something

mrs.benson: yes freddie whats wrong

freddie: mom carly is pregent and i will come for selena's brith

mrs. benson: freddie is it a girl or a boy

freddie: mom its a girl we are naming her selena gomez benson

mrs.benson : ok how long does carly have

freddie: well she got pregent like chirstmas eve its now may so augset is when selena is broned

mrs. benson: what day is she due

freddie: augset 1st

mrs.benson: we come back on july 28

freddie: mom i will miss carly's brithday

mrs.benson: fine when is birthday oh yeah july 24 ok fine july 22 we come back

freddie: ok we need to pack

mrs.benson: i will go pack your stuff k

freddie: ok mom im to carly's

mrs.benson: k freddie say goodbye to her and selena

freddie: ok mom i will

(at carly's )

freddie: hey sepncer wheres carly

sepener: she is her room crying for some raeson

freddie: cause im leaving she does not want me to her and selena alone by her self

(freddie ran upstaris)

freddie: hey carly you ok babe

carly: freddie did you leave yet

freddie: no im still here oh and i told my mom about selena i feel bad i have to leave you and selena alone by your sefls i love both of you (kisses her) (dips down to kiss her tummy)

carly: i love you too i will miss you so will selena

freddie: bye babe bye selena i have to go i love you both i will always love you two with all my heart i will never let you two go ever!

may 16 2009

carly:i miss freddie

sam:i know cupcake

spencer: soon it will be your birthday

carly: yeah my birthday is in 1une mouths

sam: what mouth is your birthday carly

spencer: carly's birthday is june24

carly: i will call freddie to see if he will be here fo my birthday party

emma: hey carly

carly: emma

jessie: wait are you two twins

luke: yeah they are jessie

( carly calls freddie)

freddie: hey babe

carly: hey freddie

freddie: why you call carly is emma there with you

carly: no jessie and luke are emma is with her boyfriend jordan

jessie: carly are talking to freddie

(puts down the phone)

carly: yes jessie i am

bercam: dinner is ready

carly: k i will call emma and say goodbye to freddie

(picks up the phone)

carly: freddie i got to go call emma cause dinner bercam said dinner so bye i love you freddie

(carly calls emma)

carly: emma come home dinner is ready

emma: k carly

(with emma)

emma: jordan i got to go home cuase dinner is ready i love you jordan

jordan:i love you too emma (kisses her)

(at home)

emma: im home carly

carly: hey emma

jessie: emma carly lets go come on oh and carly can you go get zuri

carly: sure jessie

(carly goes get zuri)

carly: zuri dinner

zuri: k carly im coming


emma: what is for dinner brecam


carly: oh i can't have that

jessie: yeah bercam carly is pregent so she needs healthy foods the doctor said carly will need healthy foods so can she have a apple

bercam: sure wait that is heathly carly (passes carly a apple)

carly: thanks bercam oh can i have that too

bercam: your welcome carlywhat i said was for dinner

kirstina ross: carly emma luke zuri rathi


carly: mom

zuri: mommy

ravi: mrs. mommy

luke: mom

jessie: kirstina

kirstina ross: jessie give this to emma and carly (hands jessie a pair of shoes one was pink and the aoutherwasblue)

jessie: k i will kirstina thank you

kirstina: tell them i say happy birthday oh so does there dad ok

jessie: k i will kirstina bye kirstina

(jessie goes in the kickten)

jessie: emma & carly i have something from your mom

carly& emma: what is it jessie

jessie:(gives them the shoes)

carly: i love the shoes freddie will love them too and there pink high heels

emma: mine are blue jordan will love them too oh there high heels

(after dinner)

jessie: do you want me to take you two to the store for dresses for you birthday party on july 25th

emma: yeah lets go tomorrow jessie cause me and carly are going to try on our new high heels

jessie: k emma we will go tomorrow

zuri: what about my tea party emma and carly

emma & carly: zuri thats kid stuff we are 15 we are turning 16 in july we are having a sweet 16

zuri: will mom be there

emma: yes she will mom she said her and dad will try not to get a movie on our birthday

carly: yeah mom & dad said not on our birthday

jessie: zuri emma & carly are big girls know so they can't do little girl stuff any more they need to do big girl stuff like go on dates with boys get married have babies like carly is going to you can have babies when you are a tennager or an aludlt like your mom

luke: girls are girls

emma: no boys are boys

carly:yeah emma is right luke boys are boys

ravi: carly mr.daddy will for your guys birthday on june 24th

emma: yes ravi dad will be there on our birthday

may 17 2009

we were going to the store for a dress for mine & emma's birthday party on june 24th

carly: i want this pink dress for my party

emma: i want this blue dress for my party

jessie: k lets go try them on girls

(we go try them on)

(in the dressing room)

carly & emma put on the dress

(they went out of the dressing room to see what jessie thinks about their dreses)

carly: jessie do you think about our dresses

jessie: they are so cute on you two

carly & emma: thanks jessie

(we go pay for our dress)

the cashier: ok that is $45.00

Jessie:here you go miss gabby

gabby: thank you

(at home)

emma: luke wanna see mine & carly's dress

luke: yeah i do

carly: mine's is pink emma's is blue

zuri: they match your shoes carly & emma they are so cute

may 18 1995

carly and emma are trying on their new dress with their shoes their mom got them

carly put in a pink cilp emma put in a blue cilp they were flower cilps

they went downstaris to see what jessie thought just than we saw mrs.jesterfield

mrs.jasterfield:aw carly and emma you two look so cute

carly & emma: thanks mrs.jesterfield

jessie:oh hi mrs.jesterfield aw you girls are so cute bercgam

bercgam:yes jessie aw you girls are cute

carly: we know bercgam we are cute

emma: yea carly your right

a mouth later & 22 days

july 22 1995

(i call freddie)

freddie: hey babe

carly: freddie are you coming back from new york

freddie:carly yes i am just for your birthday

carly:aw freddie thats so sweet of you

freddie:is emma going to be there

carly: yes she is cause she is my twin sister

freddie: ok bye got to go pack

carly:k love u

(carly gets off the phone)

but emma comes in

emma:jordan is coming to our party is freddie coming back from new york for our birthday in 2 days

carly: yes he is emma

emma:(hugs her)

july 23 2009

we had 1 day till our birthday so we were try to find a band to play at our party in 1 day we booked big time rush

1 day later at carly & emma's party

carly & emma are getting ready for their big night

(at the party)

carly saw freddie

carly:freddie i missed u so did selena

freddie: did you have selena yet

carly:no i did not

all emma & carly's gest:1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 happy birthday carly & emma

jessie: are you 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16

emma & carly: stop we are 16 years old cause it says carly & emma's sweet 16

a mouth later

augset 1 2009

carly: emma freddie the baby is coming

emma: ok carly come on freddie

(at the hopital)

emma:hi im emma this is sister carly she is pregent & her baby is coming

nures: ok miss emma (they take carly to a room)

(in carly 's room)

(she comes out)

carly: im naming her selena gomez benson

(just than atouther baby comes out of her)

freddie:lets name her pagie nicole benson

carly :ok i love that name

emma:yeah thats so cute

a year later

carly: i will name her nicole sabrina benson

emma:thats cute

freddie:yeah thats cute and love u

pagie: mommy is this my little sister p.s pagie was 2 and selena was 2

carly:yes this is your little sister

auother year later

emma: name her after me

jessie: how about emma arianna benson

carly: i love that jessie thanks

(with fredddie)

freddie: mom i have to go to the hopital cause carly is in labor

mrs.benson: freddie we are going to califroina so no

freddie:mom plaese

victoria: mommy let freddie go to the hopital said freddie's 14 year old sister

freddie: thank u victoria oh mom i will take of tori not worry just go to califroina without me or tori

mrs.benson:k freddie u can watch your little sister victoria

(at the hopital)

freddie: um carly ross plaese

nure jade: oh mrs. carly ross

victoria:yes mrs. carly ross

jade: hey victoria

victoria: hi jade im 14 years old now freddie is 16 years old

jade: oh yeah we are in 8th grade your brother is in

victoria: he is joinor

jade: she is in room 102

freddie: thank u jade

(in carly's hopital room 102)

freddie: hey carly just so u know i have to watch victoria for 6 weeks till my mom gets back

carly:oh yeah u are babysitting victoria for 6 weeks i forgot baby sorry how old is she oh yeah she is 14 years old :)

Six mouths later emma is six nicole is 7 pagie and selena are 8

emma: mommy where are my sissy

carly: they are with daddy cause there is not lots of room for your dad and sisters cause of my siblings are liveing here with me so there only room for you emma

emma: what about aunt emma

carly: aunt emma lives here with me yes not ask with the rest live here yes you call my nanny jessie

jessie: tell her about agatha

carly: oh yeah

emma: what about her

carly: she is mean and has a nasty wart like lewbert well she is mean to aouther nannys like jessie she has this blog called tooltler toot

emma:werid women

zuri: you got that right emma

ok so there is a new jessie friday at 7/8c

angtha is back with a girl named liyzeny

lizynie:hi im lizzyine and you are

carly:im carly ross this my sister emma

lizzynie:how old are you two

emma&carly:we are 16

lizzyine:hey carly you have boyfriend freddie and how many are there kids

carly:four kids there names are emma niki pagie and selena

lizzyine:so cute hey carly watch this

(lizzyine and carly luagh)

carly:that is funny jessie and who is that

lizzyine:nanny angtha she mean to me

carly:aw lizzyine do you have mom and dad?

lizzyine:no i don't carly cn you adotp me plaese

carly:yes but i will have to talk to freddie first to see what he says

lizzyine:ok carly i know when you are my mom i can not call you carly(

(with freddie)

  • carly knocks on the door*

carly:hi tori can i talk to your brother plaese

victoria:no cause he is busy babysitting me

(freddie comes to the door)

freddie:tori stop its ok tori

(tori sticks her tonge out at her brother)

freddie:tori im telling mom when she gets home from cailofina

victoria:so tell mom on me *starts to cry*

freddie:tori stop carly is there

victoria:no she is not

(freddie looked at the door) cause of you tori you scare my girlfriend way

victoria:i did scare her away sorry freddie im telling mom tori

freddie:so call mom i don't care im going to carly's bye tori

tori:whatever (calls her mother)

(with freddie0

freddie:look babe im sorry tori scared u i love u (kisses her)

carly:i know tori did it she is mean like your mom

freddie:i know that babe she is like my mom tori loves being like my mom

carly:really baby

freddie:yes really babe i love u my mom and tori not going to stop us

carly:aw u are so sweet

freddie:no u are

carly:no u baby

jessie:guys stop

creddie:ok jessie

carly:where is emma ravi luke and zuri

jessie:with your new nanny

carly:what new nanny

jessie:nanny angla

carly:jessie u are our nanny not angla is angtha up to this

jessie:yes she carly get back your sisters and brothers back before she brakes u and freddie up

carly:nobody will brake us up ever

freddie:thats right babe (kisses her)

(jordan comes in)

jordan:where emma

carly: with nanny angla


carly:i know jessie her nanny too but not no more cause angtha

jordan:angtha is nasty carly

carly:how do u know my name carly

jordan:u are the sister of my girlfriend

carly:oh yeah thats right jordan

(with victoria)

victoria:mom freddie is so mean and he has a grilfriend he never spends time with me always with his girlfriend whatever her name is oh it might be gina wait no carly right mom is that right carly is that is girlfriend's name carly

mrs.benson:yes it is tori im coming home tell your brother freddie that im coming home now

victoria:ok mom (victoria lauahing evily)

(Victoria hangs up the phone and calls freddie)

vicoria:hey freddie

freddie:hey tori why u call me for what tori im with carly right now so bye tori

victoria:freddie come home now

freddie:no tori will not wait u told didn't u tori

victoria:yes i did freddie come home now and say goodbye to carly now

freddie:ok i will tori bye tori

victoria:bye freddie

(with freddie)

carly:who was that

freddie:tori i got to go babe i love u (kisses her)

carly:i love u too baby (kisses him)

(with victoria)

freddie:tori im home hey nicole

nicole:hey daddy paige come here


sel: dad

victoria: hey freddie

(carly knocks on the door)

freddie:hey carly and emma my babies

carly:aw baby u are so sweet again i love u

freddie:i love u too babe (kisses her)

emma:daddy i missed u

carly:why u miss daddy emma

freddie:its ok honey i know emma missed me babe

carly:u do baby aw i love u

lizzyine:did u ask carly

freddie:ask what babe

carly:can lizzyine be are baby girl freddie :)

lizzyine:says yes freddie

freddie:yes i will let her be my baby girl

(the girls kiss freddie)

lizzyine:daddy mommy is preagent with bailee

six mouths

carly:lizzyine tell aunt emma uncle luke uncle ravi aunt zuri nanny jessie paige niki emma and selena wait your father too get them now plz lizzy

lizzyine:ok mommy i will

carly:thank u baby girl

lizzyine:ur welcome mommy

(bailee comes out)

carly:im naming her bailee madison benson

freddie:that is cute carly

carly:thanks baby love u

jessie:hey bailee im your nanny jessie

emma:im ur aunt emma

emma:im ur sister emma

paige:hi bailee im paige ur big sister

sel:im ur big sister too im selena big sister

niki:me too im niki ur big sister

zuri:im your aunt zuri

luke:im your uncle luke

ravi:im your unclr ravi

kirstina ross:im your grandma kirstina this is your grandpa morgan

may 16th 2012

carly:holy shit

emma:what the fucking selping the table

jessie:emma thats no way talk to your brother

emma:i don't care jessie carly is a mom i will be one soon me and carly say can those words here cause mom lets us right carly

carly:right emma i have five kids

emma:what are there names

carly:selena paige niki emma lizzyine and bailee the baby

emma:whats her full name

zuri:carly had babies luke mom help!

luke:what zuri

zuri:help jessie!

jessie: what zuri whats wrong

zuri:carly had babies call mom she had more babies you told her not to have no more babies after selena and paige

jessie:so carly can have as many as she wants to zuri just like you en you are older and are in your teens carly is 16 so is emma so carly and emma can have babies right luke

luke:right jessie

zuri:oh sorryyyyyyyyyyyy jessie

ravi:mrs.mommy having a baby

carly:was she borned

jessie:yes carly she was

emma:whats her name

luke:mckayla carly ross

carly:aw after me

jessie:aw cute name kirstina

kirstina ross:thanks jessie

morgan ross:carly emma oh carly we came here to hope have the baby

carly:dad i did have the baby i named her selena witch she had a twin named paige freddie is with them we had emma witch is daddy's little angel lizzyine was lonley child so she now mine and freddie's now than we bailee our little baby girl witch is daddy's little princess

kirstina ross:oh carly ok we now all that jessie told us that you had more babies

morgan ross:is jessie ok with it

carly:yes dad she is ok with me having kids

kirstina ross:ok carly are you sure

carly:yes mom i am sure

kirstina ross:ok carly emma are you having any kids

emma:yes i am mom

morgan ross:emma nice job doing it having a baby what is it

emma:a girl

kirstina:aw what are you nameing her

emma:kayla zuri luacs

morgan ross:aw emma that so cute

p.s in the next part selena is 9 paige is 9 niki is 8 emma benson is 7 bailee is 5 and lizzyine is 6 carly will have a baby boy named david gabe benson freddie will have to laeve the kids and carly cause hes moving sam dies in th end emma was her baby girl kayla zuri luacs then a year later she has baby boy named gabe ronald luacs emma wanted two kids she wants no more kids carly does want more kids by ally

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