iSaved Your Life is an iCarly special and the 9th episode in Season 3. This episode brought in the most ratings ever for iCarly (except iPilot, the first episode of iCarly) at around 11.2 million. It explored the relationship of Carly Shay and Freddie Benson.
In January 2010, iSaved Your Life premiered.


Carly is nearly run over by a taco truck while crossing the street when doing iCarly, due to a dare that she has to dress up as a bunny and offer people to brush her teeth for $1, but Freddie pushes Carly out of the way. Freddie is severely injured and is rushed to the hospital. At his apartment, Carly comes with Spencer and Freddie tells her it wasn't her fault he got injured. Carly then returns to Freddie's apartment along and waits for Freddie when he was in the shower. Freddie falls in the shower and Carly put on goggles so she could help Freddie without looking at
322px-CreddieKiss thumb

Carly and Freddie Kissing

him. When they get to Freddie's bed, he gets under the cover and thanks her. She says he wouldn't need his help if she had being looking when she crossed the road. She tells him he's a hero and she leans over and kisses Freddie. After they stopped kissing, Freddie couldn't believe what happened. He shocks himself to check he wasn't dreaming and Carly chuckles when he starts feeling her face. Freddie says he wants them to kiss again, so she leans over and kisses him again. While they are kissing, Freddie's mother, who blamed Carly for causing Freddie's injuries, comes in, whacks Carly with Freddie's underwear, and kicks Carly out of the apartment.

Meanwhile, Sam and Spencer are playing Assassins using small blowtube paintball guns as weapons.

Carly and Freddie are shown in school surrounded by tons of people trying to talk to Freddie. A girl tries to flirt with Freddie, but Carly kisses him until the girl leaves. While at school, Sam tells Freddie that Carly only loves him for what he did.

Sam wins the paintball war against Spencer by sending a delivery man to help set it up. She wins after the delivery man hits Spencer with a giant lollipop (which the man calls a sucker) and Sam swings from above the door to shoot the final paintball.

At the iCarly studio, Freddie and Carly kiss two more times, but he tells Carly what Sam told him, and they agreed to wait until Freddie is out of the leg cast and Carly is over the "hero thing" then they can date if Carly still loves him. Carly gives him one last kiss, and Freddie leaves. In the elevator, he says to himself, "What did I do?", and then yells at the top of his voice, "WHAT DID I DO?!".


ICarly iSavedYourLife

The DVD cover

A DVD titled "iSaved Your Life" was released on June 8, 2010. Besides "iSaved Your Life", it will include the episodes "iMake Sam Girlier", "iTwins", "iThink They Kissed", "iQuit iCarly".

The RumorsEdit

When the show's third season began, names of future episodes were posted almost everywhere online. One of them was "iSaved Your Life", and it was rumored to air sometime in November. According to the fans, it was about Carly being saved, by Freddie, from getting hit by a taco truck. In return, she nurses him back to health, probably kissing him.

For fans of Creddie (the pairing of Carly and Freddie), this was a highly-anticipated episode. Unfortunately, when the rumored date arrived, fans were angry because, as it turned out, the rumor was false.

According to fans, the second episode of season 4 called "iStill Love You" Carly and Freddie date again although this is incorrect.


Spencer: (inside Sam's locker) HEEEERE'S SPENCY! [laughs; Sam closes her locker, locks it, and walks away] I gotta stop saying witty things before I blow.

Spencer: You bought a taco?

Sam: Uh-huh.

Spencer: From the truck that hit Freddie?

Sam: Well, me starving is not gonna help him.

Freddie: Mom, I'm not allergic to flowers!

Mrs. Benson: And you weren't allergic to Mexican food trucks, but look at you now!

Mrs. Benson: (to Carly) I'll take these flowers, and I'll soak them in bleach.

Mrs. Benson: (whispers sinisterly to Carly) It should have been you!

Spencer: Hey look his foot sticks out of his cast! This little piggy went to market, and this little piggy got hit by a truck.


Freddie: My mom thinks I'll choke on pills, so she pounds 'em with a mallet and puts the pill powder in my fruit sauce.

Spencer: Fruit sauce?

Freddie: My mom thinks I'll choke on fruits, so she pounds it with a mallet--

Spencer: It's not my business.

Carly: What happened to the flowers?

Mrs. Benson: I soaked them in bleach and pounded them with a mallet.

Sam: Use your face and body to protect me.

Gibby: Ah, like a human shield.

Sam: I was gonna say bullet monkey, but whatever tickles your peach.

[A Rabbi walks through the school halls]

Gibby: There's Spencer with a fake beard!

[Sam fires a paintball at the rabbi]

Rabbi: OY!

Teacher: Rabbi Goldman!

Sam: [to Gibby] That was a real rabbi!

Gibby: I didn't know! I don't have cable!

Gibby: (afraid Sam is going to shoot him with the paintball weapon) Ah, don't! I'm just a Gibby!

Gibby: (before Sam shoots him) How my hair look, Sam?

Sam: You look good, Gib.

Mrs. Benson: (catching Carly kissing Freddie in his bed) What the YUCK?!

Freddie: Carly, don't go!

Carly: [referring to Mrs. Benson] She's beating me with your underwear!

Sam: Remember two years ago when I dated that guy Eric Moseby–- kid with the big nose?

Freddie: Sure, Noseby Moseby.

Sam: Uh-huh. And remember how he tried to get me to be his girlfriend for like six months and I kept saying, "Get away from me, or I'll kill you"? And then he bought me a subscription to the Bacons of the World Club, and then boom, I thought I was in love with the guy?

Freddie: I'm listening.

Sam: I was never in love with him; I was in love with the foreign bacon that kept showing up at my door every a beautiful, greasy dream.

Freddie: I doubt that bacon can make you think you're in love with someone.

Sam: You ever had Bolivian bacon?

Freddie: No.

Sam: It changes you.

Freddie: You just can't stand the idea of Carly and me as a couple.

Sam: Very true, it makes me wanna puke up blood.

Spencer: Do you see a girl in there?

Delivery Guy: No. Why, did you order one?

Carly: (to Freddie) Yeah, it's cute and geeky at the same time. It's cukey.

Freddie: I just said, "Oh."

Carly: No, you said it like you were at a raffle, and you won a prize, and then you found out that the prize was just a can of soup, so you go, "Oh."

Freddie: You know I like you way better than most soups.

[Freddie retreats after Carly kisses him]

Carly: Wow... you seriously don't want to kiss me. Why?

Freddie: 'Cause ... I'm just bacon!

Carly: You're bacon?

Freddie: Foreign bacon!

Carly: Well, I'm standing here with my lips all glossed up, and you're treating me like I'm your icky cousin Amanda.

Freddie: Amanda is disgusting.

iSaved Your Life (Extended Version)

Note: This section features quotes exclusive to the uncut version of iSaved Your Life, which features 7 minutes of footage that was removed due to television time constraints. As such, all the quotes in the version edited for broadcast can also be found in this version by going to the iSaved Your Life section above.

iCarly Fan: Okay, I dare Sam to get arrested.

Carly: Nope, uh-uh.

Sam: Been there, done that.

Freddie: Mom, what are you spraying me with?

Mrs. Benson: An anti-bacterial body spray for boys.

Freddie: Where do you find this stuff?

Mrs. Benson: At (that website redirects to

Freddie: Carly and Sam aren't freaks!

(Mrs. Benson looks at Freddie in disbelief)

Freddie: Carly's not a freak!

Mrs. Benson: Posy di, posy doo, I don't want posies in my house!

Freddie: [shocked that Carly kissed him]

Carly: Are you okay?

Freddie: What...?

Carly: Are you okay?

ISaved Your Life - A shocked Freddie

Freddie's reaction to Carly kissing him.

Female Student: Is it true you're gonna be Batman in the next movie?

Freddie: Uh, yeah, sure, spread that rumor.

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