Season 1Edit


  • Freddie's crush for Carly is revealed. He picks up her water bottle off the floor, and says that he was going to walk her home from school, but he couldn't find her, and then waves and says "hi" to her excitedly. Carly questions him if he was staring through his peephole the whole time waiting for her to come home. Freddie says, "No!" in a joking tone, but when Carly says, "Freddie..." he says, "Yes..." in a normal tone, hanging his head down.
  • Carly tells him, "We talked about this. We can be buds, but you gotta get over this crush thing." Freddie tells her, "I am over it! Seriously! I'm in love with you, you just wanna be friends, and I'm totally cool living with that constant pain." Carly smiles and rolls her eyes at him.
  • Then, Freddie offers to help Carly out with her school auditions, but Carly tells him that she'll ask Spencer. Then, Freddie says that "Well, if you change your mind, you know my digits!", showing her a new, fancy phone. Carly says, "Hey you got a new cellphone" and Freddie cries, "You can have it!", but instead, Carly hurries into her apartment.
  • When Carly has to judge the talent show auditions she is amazed by Freddie's technical system, and Freddie gives her juice and a bagel.
  • Freddie angrily plans to leave (after Sam, his "frenemy", says that "Carly will never love you"), but Carly very sweetly asks him to "please stay". Freddie says "okay" and gives Sam a disgusted look, Carly just smirks.
  • After accidentally uploading footage of Carly and Sam during the school auditions, Freddie reads comments off Splashface. One of the comments read "Carly you're hot!" and Freddie agrees by looking at Carly and saying "It's true!"
  • During a crazy hat party, Freddie walks over and bluntly asks "You want to go out in the hall and kiss?!" Carly says bluntly back, "No...!" and he cries, "Yeah, me neither!" Then when Carly looks away, Freddie gets briefly upset at this rejection.

iWant More Viewers:Edit

  • Carly and Freddie are seen sitting next to each other during dinner.
  • Sam doesn't like Carly's spaghetti that much, but Freddie complements Carly's spaghetti, saying that it's great, and she smiles at him. She also squirts Sam with water for "being mean" to Freddie.
  • Freddie says,"No offense, Carly" to her every time he talks about winning the contest. but early in the epsiode he want to be partners in the epsiode.
  • When Carly congratulates Freddie for his and Spencer's sign idea, he says,"Thank you, Carly. In your face, Sam!."

iDream of Dance:Edit

  • Freddie calls Carly "classy" when Carly puts a sliced lemon in each of their iced teas compared to Sam.
  • Freddie is upset when Carly is interested in a guy who can dance. He refers to him as a "nub."
  • Freddie has a dream where he wins Carly's heart through a dance with a jerk, who won't leave Carly alone.
  • Freddie is smiling happily after his dream.
  • When Carly's dream starts, Carly is resting her head on Freddie.

iLike Jake:Edit

  • Carly saves Freddie from getting hurt by two sweaty wrestlers by telling them "They're giving away free meat in the parking lot." She then offers her hand to Freddie to help him up, and he's almost up, but when learning that Jake Krandle is available, she leaves him, and Freddie falls back to the floor.
  • When Jake is standing outside of Carly's apartment, Freddie comes out of his apartment and asks Jake, "Why are you here?" He says he came to see Carly. Freddie then pulls a picture of Carly out of his pocket, shows Jake, and says "There, you've seen her. Now why don't you just scurry on outta here."
  • Freddie says "Just keep kissing those frogs Carly, this prince can wait." after Carly brings Jake into her apartment.
  • Freddie is visibly jealous of Carly's crush on Jake.
  • Carly asks Freddie to fix Jake's voice and Freddie asks "If I do will you kiss me?" Carly says, "No!" and Freddie says," Then, NO!" Carly cries, "Oh, come on!" Then, Freddie asks for just one kiss on the lips (no), cheek (no), and nose (no), but then gives up, saying,"Ok, I'll do it." and Carly says, "Thank you."
  • Freddie fixes Jake's voice for Carly, knowing it would make her happy.
  • Carly tells Freddie, "Give me that nose!" and kisses him on the nose. Freddie smiles, and Jake takes a quick look at the two of them.
  • Jake believes Carly and Freddie are dating, so he gets back with his girlfriend.
  • Freddie keeps wanting to crush Jake's feelings, so that he would break up with Carly, but she kept saying "NO!".

iWanna Stay With Spencer:Edit

  • Before Carly is about to leave for Yakima, she and Freddie hug. He sobs while hugging her and says "Be strong Freddie."
  • Freddie then hugs Carly's legs when she's about to leave and does the same to her grandfather's legs when he decides she can stay.


  • After Nevel tries to kiss Carly, when she explains it to Sam and Freddie, Freddie asks Carly to "Come show my lips exactly what he did." Carly vaguely rolls her eyes at him.

iScream On Halloween:Edit

  • Carly says she dreamt with Lewbert wart speaking Spanish. Who speaks Spanish?
  • Carly teases Freddie about his "witch" costume, and warns him about Sam seeing him in it.
  • Freddie says that the reason he does not want to go to Apartment 13B is because of his concern for "Carly's safety".

iSpy a Mean Teacher:Edit

  • Freddie guarantees in twenty years he will be Carly's second husband. When she asks him what happens to her first husband, Freddie replies, "Nothing you can prove!"
  • Carly goes with Freddie to "spy" on a teacher. When Freddie enters the apartment of Ms. Briggs (because of a bee he's allergic to), Carly gets worried, and goes after him. Inside, she tries to pull him out, but when their teacher almost arrives, they are forced to hide in the closet. Inside, Freddie later says,"You know, this might not be so bad. You and me...together ...alone..." Carly, however, says,"Ok, we are in a serious situation...this is no time for you to bust a move!"
  • When Carly and Freddie, in Ms. Briggs's closet, they turn on the lights, Freddie almost screams at seeing the cardboard Randy Jackson, but Carly covers his mouth so their cover isn't blown. When discovering their teacher's secret, they are shocked.
  • Carly wants Freddie to use the Green Screen in order to get their viewers back. Later, at school, Carly rolls her eyes and smiles after Freddie shows her and Sam his new "Randy Jackson" cologne, which he puts on.

iWill Date Freddie:Edit

  • When Valerie agrees to go on a date with him, Freddie asks Carly, "You won't be jealous?" and Carly playfully says,"I'll try and stay strong." and he agrees.
  • Carly helps get Freddie ready. She fixes his clothes, and attempts to fix his hair until Freddie stops her.
  • Carly, along with Sam, spy on Freddie while he is on his date with Valerie through a webcam.
  • When Freddie quits iCarly, Carly freaks out, like she wants him there (at iCarly).
  • Carly agrees that Freddie should help his girlfriend with her webshow. This constitutes a "What?!" from Freddie and Sam.
  • When Freddie says that he isn't coming back (after breaking up with Valerie) because they don't tell him how important he is to iCarly, she says," I always tell you how important you are to the show!" Freddie replies he knows, but it's Sam who doesn't appreciate him, so Carly forces Sam to tell Freddie how important he is to the webshow.

iWant a World RecordEdit

  • Carly and Freddie are walking together after leaving their class when they find Sam at the stairs, reading a record book.
  • While filming the webcast, Carly changes her mind and allows Freddie to have his little segment called "Tech Time With Freddie" before the "Random Dancing" starts.
  • When the "Random Dancing" ends, Carly is about to continue, but the smell from the lightbulb halts Freddie's segment.

iRue The Day:Edit

  • It is revealed by Carly that "The Freddie Breakfast Way" is a toasted bagel with grape jelly.
  • Later, Carly stops Freddie from spinning in the air after Sam pushes him.
  • When Nevel's grandmother mistakens Freddie for a spider and starts hitting him Carly once again saves him.
  • Carly helps Freddie down when the latch is still bent on his harness.

iPromise Not to Tell:Edit

  • Carly pins Freddie down twice after he attempts to tell on Sam for changing their grades.
  • Carly distracts their computer teacher by pretending to faint while Freddie hacks into the school's computer through a T-5 line.
  • Also, their assigned computer seats are next to each other.
  • At home, Carly and Freddie stroll through the school's information, but are stopped by the CSA. "Are you going to take us to juvie?" Carly asks the CSA and Freddie replies "I don't want to go juvie." Carly tells Freddie "They're going to take us to juvie!" and both groan at the same time.
  • They avoid getting into trouble by telling Principal Franklin they wanted to know when his birthday was and give him a microwave.
  • At school, Freddie tells Carly the report cards went out and both feel really guilty, and both become mad at Sam when she tells them lying will get easier.
  • Back at school, Carly goes to Freddie and tells him about her guilt and her not sleeping.
  • Freddie tells Principal Franklin that it was him, and not Carly, who changed the grades on the school's computer system.

iAm Your Biggest Fan:Edit

  • Carly smiles and giggles at Freddie's smiley face example while Sam looks annoyed.
  • Carly and Freddie both agree that Sam shouldn't pour butter all over the popcorn.
  • Carly is surprised at Sam's idea of rolling Freddie in breadcrumbs and baking him at 350.
  • Freddie compliments Carly on her spit take.

iHeart Art:Edit

  • Carly feels Sam should be nicer to Freddie and if she isn't then she owes Freddie five dollars per insult.
  • Later, Freddie walks Carly home from school and says it isn't Carly's fault that Spencer quit art.
  • Before heading into her apartment, Carly continues to blame herself for Spencer quitting art and says "I'm upset." Freddie notices this and replies "Aw I think someone needs a hug." Carly smiles and both hug, but Freddie is lost in the hug and says "Please let this last" with puppy eyes. Carly thumps him. That is the first time that they hug.
  • When Sam gives Freddie 5 bucks for everytime she insults him, And she says "No girl will ever want you," Carly just smiles and rolls her eyes.

iHate Sam's Boyfriend:Edit

  • Carly stops Sam from spraying Freddie with cheese again, but he ends up going to his locker after Sam threatens him again.
  • After confronting Sam about Jonah, Carly goes to Freddie's locker, and asks,"Freddie, do you believe in love at first sight?" and he says,"Yes! I always have!", thinking that she means them, but when she says that she's referring to Jonah and Sam, he is dissapointed.
  • Freddie tells Carly that they can get back at Sam and her new boyfriend Jonah if they start dating.
  • When she tells him that Jonah tried to kiss her, he yells,"No one tries to kiss MY girl!" Carly looks at him, and he says,"No one tries to kiss YOU!"

iHatch Chicks:Edit

  • Freddie is upset at not getting Carly as a science partner.
  • Carly comforts Freddie when he thinks it's his fault for not saving the last chick.

iDon't Want to Fight:Edit

  • Freddie trys to put the moves on Carly by putting his arm behind her and saying "You feeling the mood?" Carly hears Spencer flush the toilet, she chuckles, and says in a teasing tone, "Yeah, I'm feeling the mood."

  • Freddie politely lets Carly tell her side of the story, and stops Sam from interrupting.
  • Freddie then lets Carly interrupt Sam, Sam cries,"Why?!" and Freddie says,"Because I love her!"

iPromote Techfoots:Edit

  • Carly and Freddie show off what they bought with their techfoot money.
  • Freddie screams "What Happened?" in a concerned tone when he sees Carly at school after her Techfoots malfunctioned.

iGot Detention:Edit

  • Carly sees Freddie at his locker, and sees his "robber-catcher" equipment. Carly teasingly says, "Freddie, you know the school has a strict rule about turning your locker into a time machine."
  • As Freddie explains to her what the equipment will do, he quickly learns that Carly took his scented markers (thanks to Sam). Carly apologizes, but Freddie says that he's missing one when searching it.
  • Carly tells him that she doesn't know where it is, but as Freddie puts the box of markers in his locker, Carly takes his tangerine one out of her back pants pocket, sniffs it, and puts it back before Freddie can see her.
  • Carly helps Freddie into the detention room.


  • Carly is extremely worried when Freddie is late for icarly.
  • Carly laughs at the thought of Freddie's church pants.
  • Carly learns that Fredward is Freddie's REAL name. She responds to this by saying "Fredward?"

iMight Switch Schools:Edit

  • Freddie gets excited when he gets a text from Carly saying "I love you." Unfortunately, the texter turned out to be Sam who played a prank to get Freddie to go to Carly's apartment.
  • Freddie is upset and sad that Carly might switch to Briarwood.
  • Sam manipulates Freddie by telling him that if he helps her sabotage Carly, there's a better chance of Carly falling in love with him.


  • Carly agrees to go to the Groovy Smoothie with Freddie to make up for Carly telling his mother about the fencing.
  • Freddie tells Carly she's his best friend.
  • Carly then tries to get Ms. Benson to allow Freddie to start fencing again.
  • Carly cheers Freddie on during his fencing match.

iCarly Saves TV:Edit

  • Carly agrees with Freddie that is was wrong of Sam to stick a rib on his face.
  • After the TV rehearsal, Carly asks where Freddie is, so she was thinking of him.
  • Later, Carly stands up for him when Amber Tate is mean and rude to him.

iWin a Date:Edit

  • After learning Gibby has a crush on a girl named Shannon, Carly says "It must be awful to love someone who doesn't love you back." Then Freddie looks at Carly after the remark and Carly apologizes.
  • Freddie reassures Gibby that he has no feelings for Shannon by saying "I'm in love with someone else" and looks at Carly.
  • Carly saves Freddie from Sam's beating.
  • Carly talks mostly to Freddie on the triple date.

iHave a Lovesick Teacher:Edit

  • When Miss Ackerman comes over to Carly's apartment Freddie is stunned and Carly is trying to stop him from looking at her ( they walk up the stairs, and she says "Come on!" )
  • She also agrees with him about Miss Ackerman looking nice when she says "I also said whoa!" while they are walking up the stairs.
  • Carly defends Freddie when Miss. Ackerman yells at him in front of the whole class. The result being Carly got sent to the Principal's office.
  • Both Carly and Freddie are forced to do jumping jacks together as a form of punishment from Miss Ackerman after Freddie defends her again.

Season 2Edit

iSaw Him First:Edit

  • When Carly and Sam are trying to win Shane, a handsome friend of Freddie's, he tries to help Sam win Shane so he can have Carly to himself.
  • Beforehand, Freddie suggests that Carly let Sam have Shane and that she find someone else to date. Carly asks why and Freddie says "Cuz I'm lonely and available."
  • In the extended version, Carly asks Shane to perform a scene in a play she wrote, but Shane mentions that Freddie is across the hall. Carly says that Freddie isn't a good actor.
  • Also in the extended version, Freddie doesn't stop Carly's love interest Shane from falling. Thus, Freddie could have Carly to himself again.

iStage an Intervention:Edit

  • Carly is pretty worried about Freddie because bad things are happening to him, due to deleting and not forwarding a chain email sent to him by Gibby.
  • When Freddie offers to show Carly a cool video on his laptop, she hops on the beanbag next to him, and they are very close to each other, about to watch the video when his laptop short-circuits (thanks to Sam).
  • Carly holds his shoulders, crying out, "Just forward the e-mail!" Freddie becomes happy, and says, "Hold me tighter!"
  • Also, she becomes upset (and angry) when she learns that Sam was the one who caused the bad luck.
  • When she goes to Freddie's apartment to tell him about Sam, he confesses that he knew after seeing Sam unloosen the bolts on his bike, so he pretended to get hurt. Also, he tells her that he got back at her by sending him a fake text that looked, like it came from a certain "hot" senior, Gary Wolf, that the girls liked. Carly is shocked, a little, and says,"Wow... I never knew you could be so bad!"
  • When they say good-night to each other, and Carly goes into her apartment, Freddie is about to say something when he decides to go back inside.

iOwe You:Edit

  • In the episode's beginning, Carly tries to make a pina-colada lipstick, with Freddie watching while smiling. He asks "Are you having some kind of lip seizure?" She says no and attempts to blend the coconut and pineapple lip glosses together. As she is doing this, she says smirking,"I realize that this isn't very attractive." and turns away from Freddie, but Freddie goes around to face her again, and says,"Actually... it kind of is.
  • Then, Freddie asks, "So, does it taste like pina-colada?" Then, Carly says, "Do you wanna find out?" Then Freddie smiles and says, "Yes!" And then Carly takes her hand and smears her hand all over her lips, then smears it all over Freddie's lips. She smiles when Freddie said, "You bent my teeth!"
  • Carly and Freddie work together to send back fans their mail. Later they come up with a plan to get Sam to pay them back.
  • Carly was next to Freddie while they looked up how much Sam owed them.
  • Carly comments to Freddie "That's not something a cool person says.", and looks concerned after he tells Sam that she squished his trackpad finger.
  • Carly and Freddie are together mailing back all the money, while Sam looks up trampolines.
  • When Sam lies and tells Freddie that one of his family members is hurt Carly looks really upset and ask which family member it was.
  • Carly tells Freddie her plan and is very happy with herself, and Freddie helps her perfect it.
  • When Sam comes into school, Carly and Freddie are seen studying together.
  • Before Sam comes dancing into the school, Carly and Freddie are reading a book together and both cannot believe that Sam spent all the money given to her. While jumping on the trampoline, Carly asks Freddie "You OK?" Freddie responds "Oh yeah."

iHurt Lewbert:Edit

  • Freddie helps Carly take her shoe off with Lewbert's wart on it after Carly screams.
  • Later, Freddie shows off his new look including his boxers showing from not wearing a belt. Then Freddie implies that he was sleeping naked the night before by saying "Last night slept with my socks on. Just my socks." Carly seems pleasantly interested until Sam regurgitates her food.
  • Carly trys to calm Freddie down after he figures out that his mom likes Lewbert.
  • Carly helps Freddie out with a plan to stop his mother from going out with Lewbert.

iGo to Japan:Edit

  • After an iCarly webcast, Carly asks "You want to play on the swing?" Freddie shoots back with another question "Will you push me?" Carly agrees, they both smile, and when Freddie gets on the swing, Carly pushes him.
  • Carly is shocked when Sam hurts Freddie with an apple.
  • Freddie is caught peeping through his door waiting for Carly. When he comes out of his apartment, he denies looking through his peephole, and Carly says that she believes him, but teasingly calls him a "peeper".
  • Learning that they would be going to Japan, Carly and Freddie share another hug. Again Freddie is lost in the hug.
  • On the cargo plane that is heading over Japan, Carly is a little cold and Freddie suggests they snuggle close together.
  • In Japan, while Carly and Freddie are trying to get rooms, the hotel receptionist sees them, and mistakes them for a honeymoon couple. Freddie looks at Carly, his face bright and happy (and the audience makes a "Ooohh" noise), but Carly instead slaps him (probably playfully).
  • When Freddie is accidently kicked in the head, Carly is really concerned screaming "Freddie!" and annoyed when Sam laughs and says "OK that is definitely going on"
  • Carly turned to Sam and said "He(Freddie) told you."
  • Carly checks on Freddie while he sits on the ground with her hand on his arm.
  • Freddie and Carly hug after winning the award for 'Best Comedy Webshow.'
  • They both agree that the plane and boat that Spencer's friend, Socko, provided for them are horrible and disgusting.
  • At the end they hugged.


  • Carly comforts Freddie when he is upset that he can't make his baby cousin Stephanie laugh.
  • When Sam is eating the coconut cream pie, Carly and Freddie rush toward Sam to stop her from eating the pie.
  • Carly helps Freddie (who is in a bear suit to make Baby Stephanie laugh) up off the floor after Sam whacks him twice with a umbrella.
  • Carly along with Spencer raises Freddie's arms in victory after he finally makes Baby Stephanie laugh.


  • Carly encourages Freddie to come out in front of the camera in his flashlight costume.
  • Carly is shocked and upset that Freddie is unhappily dating a mean girl, and that he hardly knows her. She even tells Mitch, her Christmas angel, "Freddie's always been in love with me!" And she seems very unhappy at the thought of Freddie not liking her anymore.
  • When she starts freaking out after her "new life" is too much for her, she tells Freddie that she wants him to be her friend again. She also says she wants him to do the "iCarly" countdown again, with the 5,4,3,2, and not saying the 1. She also says that she never understood why he does that, but liked it anyway.
  • Later, when Carly wishes for her normal life back, she is sit up against the door that was for the webshow. Then, when everything goes back to normal, Freddie (back to normal) comes up to ask about the next iCarly webcast, when he sees Carly crying, and he gets upset and confused. After realizing her old, normal life is back, Carly hugs Freddie very tightly, and while hugging her back, Freddie smiles, clearly enjoying it (and the tv audience says,"Awww...")


  • Freddie stands behind Carly with his hands on her shoulders to shield himself from Sam who was handcuffed to Gibby.
  • Carly attempts to stop Sam from hurting Freddie.
  • After Sam leaves to go buy potato salad, Carly asks Freddie who his first kiss was with and he says she doesn't need to know. "I absolutely need to know", Carly replies. When Freddie reveals his secret, Carly thinks that it's sweet that Freddie never kissed anyone.
  • The most likely reason Freddie hasn't kissed a girl before, is that he wanted his first kiss to be with Carly...
  • Freddie trusts Carly the most with his secret about not being kissed.
  • Carly defends Freddie when Sam "ruins his life" and the students at school are mean to him.
  • Carly was upset and saddened with what was happening to Freddie.
  • Carly looks at Freddie with a sad look on her face as he went home from school.
  • Carly was showing a lot of anger toward Sam before the webcast of iCarly.
  • When Carly starts the webcast, she counts down from 5, omitting the 1 like Freddie usually does.

iGive Away a Car:Edit

  • Carly and Freddie celebrate after Sam loses 'Cupcake Slam.'
  • Carly knows Freddie has a jewlery box (later seen in iSaved Your Life).
  • Freddie and Carly help each other stop Sam and Nevel from fighting.
  • Both are wearing stripes when Nevel tests out his new car and walk away together after Nevel crashes into a flower shop.

iRocked the Vote:Edit

  • During an iCarly webcast, Freddie reads a fake question that asked "Dear Carly, don't you think it would be awesome to be Freddie's girlfriend?" but instead of answering, Sam tells him to say the "real" question.
  • Freddie and Carly share a hug after David Archuleta wins 'America Sings.'
  • After Freddie shows Carly he made the studio screen swing out faster Carly says "OK, you got to get a girlfriend." Freddie replies "I know." and grins at Carly. Carly then says "No."
  • Freddie and Carly come up with a plan for Wade Collins to get a music video.
  • Craly wears a T-Shirt with hola on it which Freddie says frequently.
  • Carly complements Freddie's camera skills.
  • Freddie likes the "saucy" dress Carly wears for Wade Collins's music video shoot. When Freddie starts checking out the other girls, Carly gets slightly jealous and says "Stop drooling over those girls!"
  • Freddie had a huge smile on his face once he saw Carly in her "saucy" dress.
  • Freddie told Carly that she needed to act hotter than normal.
  • Carly congrats Freddie on Wade's music video.
  • It is interesting that Freddie's anti-Wade video begins with a shot of Carly's torso.

iMeet Fred:Edit

  • Carly defends Freddie again when everyone is mean to him for "killing" Fred.
  • Again, Carly and Freddie are paired next to each other in a pool in Fred's video.

iLook Alike:Edit

  • Freddie tests the sound system by saying "I love you Carly, LOOOVE you. Loveeeeeeeeeeeee." Sam really enjoyed listening to it, but she was pulled away.
  • Carly has a look of amusement on her face.
  • When they were playing the sound system test, Carly is smiling.

iWant My Website Back:Edit

  • Carly and Freddie are both the ones who discover that iCarly was bought by their insane and crazy biggest fan, Mandy Valdez.
  • After their craziest fan is revealed to be the owner of iCarly, Carly and Freddie scream at the same time.
  • Freddie along with Spencer, Sam and Mandy help Carly retrieve the url transfer document and stop her from having to kiss Nevel.

iMake Sam Girlier:Edit

  • Freddie shows Carly a home bio scanner that tells all shorts of biological stuff about him. Carly runs to get Freddie a paper towel after his finger starts bleeding.
  • When Freddie has the party guests say some words about Sam, Freddie has Carly go first.
  • Carly asks Freddie to help her make Sam girlier. At first he refuses, but when Carly says "For me?" really sweetly, Freddie moans and gives in.
  • At the Groovy Smoothie, the two sit close next to each other while Sam waits for Pete.
  • When Carly is thrown by bully Jocelyn across the Groovy Smoothie floor, Freddie runs over to her to help and comfort her.
  • When Sam tells Pete "Then I'm Your Girl", Carly looks at Freddie.
  • The two are left alone together at the Groovy Smoothie after Sam leaves with her date Pete.

iGo Nuclear:Edit

  • Freddie, along with the rest of the class, cheers after Carly sings the "reduce, reuse and recycle" jingle.
  • Freddie shows off his "Green Week" project to Carly and apologizes when he finds out Carly did the same project as him.
  • Carly and Freddie both end up getting bad grades on their projects while Sam gets an A.
  • Due to Carly and Freddie's bad grades on the "Green Week" project given by science teacher Mr. Henning, they are sentenced to go on the "Root and Berry" retreat together for extra credit.

iDate a Bad Boy:Edit

  • Both are disgusted by the videos Sam shows them on the web.
  • When Freddie is yelling at Sam, Carly comes over, wearing her clothes Spencer picked out for her. When she says, "Hey, Freddie", but Freddie yells, 'WHAT?!' When he sees Carly, he instantly shuts his mouth, and is shocked at what he did. Carly smirks at him, and Freddie tries to explain why he yelled, but he gets frustrated, and walks away in torment.
  • Freddie is jealous that Carly's new "bad boy" boyfriend, Griffin, is shirtless in her apartment. Also, when Carly sprays the "boo -boo" spray on Griffin, and he yells in pain, Freddie says,"Uh, I think he needs more boo-boo spray." and Carly looks at him.
  • Later, Carly warns Sam that they should probably not talk about Griffin in front of Freddie. Sam asks,"Yo, Freddie, you don't mind if we talk about Carly's smoking hotboyfriend, do ya?" and Carly rolls her eyes, saying, "Sam!". Freddie says that he won't mind, but when they do talk about him, he complains and groans, and Carly tells him that he is irritated. Freddie, however, says it's because he never pictured her with a "bad boy".
  • When Carly tells him that Griffin likes and collects Peewee Babies, he yells,"Yes!" and raises his hands (in fists) in the air.
  • In an attempt to win her heart, Freddie plans to send a big order of pizza to Ms. Briggs, telling Carly that he "can be just as bad as Griffin!", but thanks to Caller ID, his plan fails when the company calls back. Freddie is scared, and Carly teasingly says to him, "Answer it, bad boy..."
  • Freddie says that no one can prove anything and that he did not order a pizza. He runs out and Carly laughs at his actions. Sam asks Carly "Will he ever give up on you?" and she says "I don't know. I shouldn't have told him I like bad boys.

iReunite With Missy:Edit

  • Carly and Freddie are seen studying and Carly supposedly doesn't know the difference between Australia and Austria.
  • Also, Carly says "Austria" in a sweet/ flirty tone, and looks happily at Freddie.
  • After finding out what Freddie did for Sam, Carly tickles him lightly and both walk to class together.

iTake on Dingo:Edit

  • Freddie wants to watch Sam beat up TV writers, but when Carly asks him to go with Spencer he does just that.
  • Both agree that the hotel they are staying at is disgusting.

iMust Have Locker 239:Edit

  • Before Freddie shows off the bunny he drew, he stands really, really close to Carly's shoulder to shoulder saying "Hello." Carly says "Too close" and Freddie takes a step away.
  • Freddie teases Carly about her bunny.
  • Near Carly's locker, Freddie's arm is on the lockers closely behind Carly. Perhaps showing Freddie being overprotective of Carly when Gibby arrives.
  • Carly also seems to get a little closer to Freddie when Gibby approaches.
  • Carly has a look of admiration on her face when Freddie talks about the history of locker 239 and unhappy face when he talked about cheerleaders.
  • Carly pushs inbetween Sam and Freddie and stands close to Freddie.
  • Both have the same expression on their face after Sam makes a comment about locker 239 saying "You could fit a body in there."
  • Carly asks Freddie if he has a plan to guess the amount of Fat Cakes in the large jar.


  • Carly says Sam made her do it when they play a prank on Freddie by sending him an email saying the next day was "Clown Day".
  • Carly keeps insisting to Freddie that Melanie is real and not Sam, but Freddie still doesn't believe that Melanie is real and is out to prove it.
  • Carly seems upset when Freddie asks Sam's twin sister Melanie on a date.
  • Freddie reveals that he has been trying to go on a date with Carly since sixth grade.
  • Once again, Carly seems upset/jealous when she learns Freddie and Melanie kissed.

iFight Shelby Marx:Edit

  • When everyone is watching the fight, Freddie asks,"Ok, how do I make that girl Shelby Marx my future wife?" Carly says "I thought you wanted ME to be your future wife?" as if she's jealous about Freddie liking Shelby. Freddie asks,"Could it happen?", and Carly says playfully," Could not happen!"
  • Also, Freddie is worried about Carly after the home-made video of Carly challenging Shelby is on SplashFace.
  • When Carly says, "I'm not a twig! And I'm getting curvier everyday", Freddie comes back with, "I know...", and looks at her. Carly replies, "Eyes up, dude."
  • After Carly yells at the TV that she didn't attack Shelby's grandma, Freddie grabs her arm and says "She can't hear you."
  • Later, they are dancing with each other (along with Spencer) when they learn that the fight is back on.
  • Carly speaks random spanish when Spencer gave her the spaghetti.
  • In the fighting arena, he helps Carly with her mouthpiece, and wishes her "good luck".
  • Freddie cheers for Carly instead of his other crush, Shelby.
  • After the fight, Freddie hugs Carly and tells her "That was amazing."
  • Freddie drags Nevel, who wanted Carly to get hurt, into a cage to be confronted by Shelby, Sam and Carly.

Season 3Edit

iThink They Kissed:Edit

  • Carly shows possible "jealousy" throughout the entire episode.
  • Carly gets very upset when she first finds out from Sam about the kiss.
  • Carly gets very, very frustrated about the kiss when talking to Spencer.
  • Carly keeps saying "Oh, my GOD!" every time Freddie tells her what happened when he and Sam kissed.
  • In a promo for this episode, Freddie asks her," Are you jealous?" and says, "Cause that would be so great-" but he's interrupted when Carly cries,"I'm not jealous!" but she definitely doesn't look as sure as she is implying. Unfortunately, this scene was cut from the actual episode.
  • Carly and Freddie pin each other down. When Freddie does it, she is amazed that he has gotten stronger, and says,"Woah! When did you get so strong?" and Freddie cries,"Same time the voice got lower!" (This may hint that Carly is very impressed by Freddie's strength.)
  • Freddie tells Carly the truth and helps her up after pinning her down, even though he was at a full advantage and didn't have to say anything. He also begs Carly not to tell Sam what he said, or else "she'll kick me in places that should never be kicked" and after a brief argument, Carly gives in to Freddie's pleading.
  • Carly is overly curious about Freddie and Sam's kiss. She asks questions such as "How long was the kiss?"and "Was it fun?" These can hint to the viewer her possible jealousy.


  • Carly stops Freddie from getting shocked by Sam's locker, and tells her that "we don't electrocute friends". Instead, the locker shocks Spencer.
  • While Carly talks to Spencer, Freddie leans onto Carly behind the couch. Spencer leaves and the two are left alone.
  • Carly and Freddie are seen celebrating together, with Sam off to the side.
  • Carly and Freddie along with Sam work together to help Chef Ricky Flame love cooking again.
  • Freddie is yelling for Carly before she opens the door. He looks in and sees Carly in her pajamas and smirks saying "Nice pjs." Then comments on her hair and Carly jokingly says "Well sorry I didn't get all dolled up to answer the door!"
  • Then the two view a video sent by Ricky Flame to meet him at an athletic club
  • Together, Carly and Freddie watch Sam pin Ricky Flame.

iSpeed Date:Edit

  • After Carly is turned down by a guy she wants to go with to the 'Girl's Choice Dance', Freddie hints that he wants Carly to ask him.
  • Carly has a look of concern on her face after Spencer accidently hits Freddie in the face while doing exercise.
  • At the Groovy Smoothie, Freddie repeatedly turns down the cool guys in 'Speed Dating' who want to go with Carly.
  • Carly mention's that Freddie has the same camera that Austan mentions, this shows she might be paying attention his tech equipment or his tech talk.
  • Carly feels that Magic Malika 's actions toward Freddie are dangerous.
  • When Carly forces Sam to ask Gibby to the dance, Sam says Carly should ask Freddie, (sign of Sam not being jealous if Carly and Freddie would date in the future) and then Carly replies that she was thinking of inviting Freddie, as he has no date, and she had no date either.
  • When Carly's annoying date leaves, Freddie says, "And then there were two." Carly says, "Yep, just us... Thank God." They play with their cups, and she says, "Not a very fun dance, was it?" Freddie replies with "Nope." Then, he gets up, and stares at Carly, who says,"What?"
  • Freddie asks Carly, "Don't you think we deserve one nice dance tonight with a person we don't want to kill?"
  • She smiles and answers "Absolutely." Carly and Freddie slow-dance. They were originally supposed to kiss, but it was taken out, because the kiss would interfere with future episodes according to Dan.
  • Carly putting her head on Freddie is a sign of trust and losing herself in the moment.
  • From when Carly and Freddie are left alone, they're on a date.
  • The scene ends with the words " Cause you are meant for me" from the song Meant For Me playing in the background.
  • Fans are left with a million ideas on what happened after the dance.
  • In this episode, it was proved that Carly and Freddie are really meant to be: Carly's date didn't work, and Freddie's date didn't either. It could be a sign.
  • This episode shows that creddie can happen under normal conditions.

iCarly Awards:Edit

  • Carly sees Freddie in a tuxedo, and smiles.
  • Carly wants Freddie to stop talking about Eurupean swimsuit models(who she assumes were girls).
  • When Sam goes to the bathroom during the show, Freddie joins Carly, and stands close to her, but she tells him to scoot back.
  • After a video package airs for "Most Insane Hoolahooper", Carly and Freddie both speak in foreign languages, "Hula-la" (French) and "Hula gusto!" (Spanish)
  • Both present an award to a little boy named River.
  • Carly whispers in Freddie's ear to go retrieve Spencer's award.
  • Freddie and Carly were mostly talking to each other.

iHave My Principals:Edit

  • Carly and Freddie are seen in the principals' office together.
  • When Gibby shows up at Carly's locker, Freddie once again has his arm close behind Carly.
  • Carly grabs Freddie's shoulders and Freddie does the same. Also, both tell the other that they are scared about their new co-principals.
  • Carly and Freddie work together to get Principal Franklin back.
  • When Superintendent Gorman was riding the bull Carly kept touching Freddie's arm and laughing with him (With no Sam).

iFind Lewbert's Lost Love:Edit

  • Carly gives Freddie his cupcake first.
  • The two make the same moan together after taking a bite out of their cupcakes.
  • Both have same reaction when they are surprised about the missing cream filling.
  • While viewing Lewbert's modeling portfolio, Carly leans towards Freddie.
  • When Sam ran into the iCarly Studio to tell Carly and Freddie that Marta went into Lewbert's office, it looked like Carly and Freddie were studying together (Before Sam ran in).
  • Both Carly and Freddie imagine what life with a happy Lewbert would be like together, and only them (and a happy, wart-less Lewbert) are seen in the daydream. In it, they are also dancing together with balloons falling.
  • When their daydream begins and ends, they are smiling and standing close to one another, with Sam staring at them like they're crazy.
  • While watching Marta in Lewbert's office, Carly leaves a vacant beanbag between herself and Freddie.
  • Carly and Freddie kept giving each other glances throughout the episode.

iMove Out:Edit

  • Carly teases Freddie about eating his veggies.
  • Both agree that Freddie's mom is crazy.
  • Carly laughs when Freddie says "She is going to have to deal with the fact that I'm a man now."
  • Carly tries to stop Freddie's mother Mrs. Benson from embarassing him and when Freddie leaves, Carly runs after him.
  • After Freddie's mom embarrassed him at school, Carly's face looked like she felt bad for him and how he lives with this.
  • In Freddie's new apartment, a loud noise goes off and Carly grabs Freddie's arms and lingers there for a few seconds longer.
  • Both run out of the Pet Photography building, leaving Sam behind. Back at home they wait for Sam and wonder where she has been.
  • Freddie calls Carly to tell her about Harmoo the cat being on the ledge.
  • The guys get scared and Freddie protects Carly.

iQuit iCarly:Edit

  • From the very beginning, both are seen together making smoothies.
  • Carly continues to touch him while watching an iCarly video.
  • Carly touches Freddie's arm when she says "I do love the land!."
  • It is revealed by Sam that Carly was concerned when she ( Sam ) suggested Freddie wear a diaper and sneak into the tiger habitat. Carly didn't want Freddie to be mauled by the tigers.
  • Edited from iQuit iCarly ( but seen in previews ) was a scene during Carly and Sam's argument. After Sam says "You already named the show after yourself", Carly states that it was Freddie's idea to name the webshow iCarly, and that Sam also liked it at the time.
  • Carly and Freddie are seen at the Groovy Smoothie together.
  • Carly went to Freddie for help for the iShorts video, and he agreed to help her.
  • Also, when she and Sam are arguing over Freddie, she says, "No you don't! Freddie LOVES me!"
  • Carly tells Freddie that none of the fighting going on between her and Sam is his fault and "Just because Sam and I are splitting up doesn't mean I love you any less."
  • Carly suggests letting Freddie choose, and he nods and smiles at this. He agrees, and says "What if I want to choose?" when Sam shows dissent. This may have been Freddie siding with Carly.
  • When Sam attempts to bribe Freddie, Carly says, "You can't buy Freddie's love!"
  • Carly offers Freddie $20 for his love, and he can't accept that.
  • Carly called Sam a monster for making Freddie cry.
  • Freddie freaks out when Carly falls from the platform and wants to save Carly from falling off.
  • Freddie's mainly seen with Carly in this episode, not Sam.

iSaved Your Life:Edit

  • The mention of Freddie's name makes Carly smile before a video is shown.
  • Carly helps out Freddie with a camera rehearsal until he gets shot by Sam with her paintball gun.
  • Carly is almost run over by a taco truck, but Freddie saves her life by pushing her out of the way, is hit by the truck instead ,and then is rushed to the hospital.
  • In Freddie's bedroom, Mrs. Benson says the accident happened because he hangs out with freaks. Freddie takes offense to this and says "Carly and Sam aren't freaks!" and Mrs. Benson looks at him. Freddie rephrases and says "Carly's not a freak!"
  • Carly and Spencer visit Freddie in his bedroom, with Carly bringing flowers for him, but they end up being soaked in bleach and pounded by a mallet by Mrs. Benson. Before leaving to ruin the flowers, Freddie's mom tells Carly that it "should've been" her who'd gotten hit. She flirts with Freddie after Spencer goes to the bathroom by playing with his toe, and Freddie smiles. Carly tells Freddie, "You saved my life", Freddie doesn't feel like he saved her life, but Carly tells him that Sam said that truck would have ran right over her. "Maybe", Freddie says and smiles happily.
  • Later, Carly comes back in with Mrs. Benson, with cupcakes for Freddie, who is taking a shower. Mrs. Benson tells her and Freddie that she'll be gone for 36 minutes, and (again) tells Carly on the way out that she should have gotten hit. As Carly looks happily around Freddie's room, at one point opening his closet door and finding a poster of herself, with her reaction being happy, she becomes worried when hearing a splash, and Freddie cries for help.
  • However, he doesn't want Carly to see him because he's "in the shower!', so Carly covers her eyes with his socks and eye swimming goggles, falls on the floor, but gets right back up and helps Freddie out of the shower and into his bed.
  • Freddie thanks her for her help, but Carly says, "You shouldn't thank me." Freddie asks why not and Carly explains "If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't need my help." Then, Carly tells him that everyone at their school is calling him a hero, but he says "That's dumb". Carly says that he is one, but Freddie tells her that he is not a hero. "You could have been killed trying to save my life. That makes you a hero", Carly replies back. Freddie frowns, and says he doesn't feel like one. Carly then says that he's a hero to her, and she sits on his bed, near him. Then, to Freddie's surprise, she moves closer toward him, and they finally kiss.
Note: When they first kiss, the audience cheers and claps for them, almost as if they had been waiting for them to kiss.
  • The kiss becomes intense until Carly finishes kissing Freddie, who is shocked and dazed. Carly asks if he is OK. Freddie says "What?" Carly laughs and repeats "Are you OK?" Freddie is in shock and says "Yeah", then asks Carly to hand him his Galaxy Wars stun gun. She does that, he activates hit, and shocks himself to make sure he is awake. Carly's face is shocked and confused.
  • When he finishes shocking himself, Carly asks why he did that, and Freddie says, "Just making sure I was awake." He touches Carly's face, cheeks, and lips, and he says, "Yep, this is happening!" Carly chuckles, and asks him if he wants it to happen again. Freddie asks "Right now?" and Carly says "Oh, yeah, right now." He says sure and they start kissing again until Mrs. Benson walks in. Carly tells her that she's taking his temperature. Freddie begs Carly not to leave, but Mrs. Benson forces her out, whacking her with his underwear. Then, she sprays a "freshener" all around Freddie's bed, much to his annoyance.
  • At school, Carly and Freddie (using crutches) enter the school together and a mob of girls runs toward them asking questions. One girl runs up to Freddie and says he looks cute in his cast. Carly becomes increasingly jealous and after being unsuccesful in getting rid of the girl, she turns Freddie around to kiss him. Both engage in tongue kissing until the girl says she was thinking the two of them already had plans this weekend, and Carly says, "Yep, we do. See ya!" The girl leaves, and Freddie responds to the sudden kissing by saying "Wow. My kitty's got claws." Both meow at each other. They kiss again in the hallway after Sam calls them "Mr. and Mrs. Benson.", with Carly kissing him goodbye as she heads off to class.
  • Later, in the iCarly studio, Freddie comes in, using crutches still, and sees Carly playing a video game (It should be noted that Carly was playing a game similar to Guitar Hero, which Nathan (Freddie) and Miranda (Carly) play together often). When Freddie says that he's going to fix something on the iCarly website, she says that she loves it when he talks "techy", calling it "cukey (cute and geeky)", but Freddie notes that she never called his tech talking "cukey" before, and she says,"That was before.. we were... you item" and they kiss again.
  • However, Sam's explanation eariler at school makes Freddie retreat from the kiss, and Carly notices that he "retreated" from the kiss, and asks him what's wrong. Freddie asks her, "So, are we like boyfriend and girlfriend now?" Carly answers "I don't know...maybe." Freddie also says that he likes her "better than most soups." and Carly asks him if he wants to kiss her, or "bump up" his "8.43 Gigahertz" server, but saying it wrong. He corrects her, and they both kiss each other again, but he groans, and hops away (on the crutches).
  • Carly says that he must really not want to kiss her, but Freddie denies that. Carly then says that she has her lips "all glossed up" and that he's treating her like his icky cousin Amanda. Freddie cries that he's just her "foreign bacon", and Carly asks if the truck hit him too hard. They have a talk, with Carly telling Freddie that she thought he wanted her to be his girlfriend since the first day she met him. Freddie admits that, but reminds Carly of her saying that she didn't like him "in the good way". Carly says that that was before he saved her life, which makes Freddie says that nothing has changed.
  • Carly finally admits that she LOVES him, and is sad when she says that he doesn't want her to be his girlfriend, but Freddie quickly says that he does, and promises her that after he is removed of the cast and "the whole hero thing washes over", and if Carly still wants to be his girlfriend and loves him still, that he'll be happy for her to. After Carly says "Okay", they are silent, feeling awkward, and they both make horse noises just like in i look a like
  • After Freddie sais "I better get home so my mom can spray me", Carly's expression is shown: She's sourprised, MAINLY upset, and very, very sad.
  • Then, Freddie says that he has to leave so his "mom can spray me", and they both chuckle. He heads into the elevator, and Carly says, "Well, I'll see you tomorrow." Freddie says, "Yeah... Um, wait..." and before he leaves, he tells her that he didn't know that when they kissed before, it would be their final one for a while, so he tries to ask her for another one, but can't finish his sentence. Carly gives him a kiss on the cheek (and the audience goes "Awww..."). Freddie smiles, and Carly sweetly says, "Goodnight, Freddie." Freddie waves goodnight and leaves via elevator.
  • While in the elevator, however, Freddie lays back and begins to realize what he just did. He asks himself "What did I do?" and (in the extended version) after that, he screams "WHAT DID I DO??!!"

iWas a Pageant Girl:Edit

  • Freddie doesn't want to go on a blind date with someone he doesn't know, possibly indicating that he would rather go on a date with Carly.
  • Freddie and Carly stand close together while waiting for Sam to reveal her secret.
  • After Sam spits a lentil in Freddie's eye, Carly becomes concerned, gently touches him, and asks "Are you OK?" Freddie says no, and Carly tells Sam to apologize.
  • Carly and Freddie know exactly when the other will say yes to Sam or Spencer (who were acting like Carly and Freddie's children).
  • Carly reveals what Freddie's card says during his competitive game with Spencer.

iEnrage Gibby:Edit

  • Carly again tells the web that Freddie is an awesome technical producer. This may show how much Carly appreciates Freddie.
  • When the webshow ends and Tasha appears, Carly and Freddie are shocked that Gibby has a girlfriend as hot as Tasha.
  • Freddie and Carly have a talk on the Shay couch while Carly plays her ukulele, something Freddie just learned about Carly. He asks Carly where Spencer is and they end up talking about Freddie's mom. "My mom was an angel once till they kicked her out", Freddie tells Carly. "Why?" Carly asks. "They hated her", Freddie admits. He heads up to the studio to work on something and Carly makes another comment about his tech prowess. When Freddie has trouble getting in the studio, she heads upstairs and yells "What's the matter with you?!"
  • Carly and Freddie acted like a married couple.
  • Carly compliments Freddie's shirt after he asks "Don't you think I can beat up Gibby if I wanted to?"
  • Carly sends Sam to talk Gibby out of fighting Freddie to no avail.
  • Carly tries to talk both Gibby and Freddie out of their fight, because she is totally against it.

iSpace Out:Edit

  • Freddie seems a little jealous when a High school graduate named Cameron appears on the webshow. Carly and Sam look interested in the guest.
  • Freddie tells Carly about the helicopter that picked up Sam. Freddie waits for Carly to tell Spencer goodbye and the two walk each other to the helicopter with bags in hand.
  • When Freddie is doing the first test, Carly looks worried and concerned. Later, Freddie is shown smiling at Carly as she is completing a test.
  • Carly repeatedly gets in between Freddie and Sam's fighting, at one point trying to stop Sam from hurting Freddie's leg.
  • Sam asks, "Don't you just wanna punch him so bad?" Carly replies, "No."
  • While Freddie is being beaten by Sam during the webshow, Carly takes his place.
  • Carly is sleeping in the bed under Freddie's while Sam is at the very bottom.
  • While trying to sleep, Carly is woken up by Freddie who says he hears an animal eating. Carly explains to Freddie and Sam that they all should calm down so they can be the first to host a webshow from space. However, Carly has a case of "Space Madness" and Freddie tells Carly to stay calm.
  • Carly yells, "Shut up, Freddie!" because of "Space Madness", and Freddie is shocked.

iFix a Pop Star:Edit

  • Carly and Freddie look at each other in disgust at Ginger Fox, a former number one pop star for not being able to sing or dance.
  • Ginger throws a fork at Freddie hitting him in the shoulder causing Carly to look shocked and concerned.
  • She tries to remove the fork, but it is deep in his shoulder.
  • At the PMA awards, Freddie and Carly (sitting next to each other) along with Sam (in the back) work together to make Ginger's comeback successful.
  • Carly turns to Freddie to ask "What girl doesn't shave her underarms?", which was a question more likely to be answered by a girl (such as Sam.)
  • After watching Ginger's comeback video, Carly and Freddie (again sitting next to each other) agree that she has no talent.

iWon't Cancel The Show:Edit

  • When Sam ends up in juvenile detention, Carly and Freddie vow not to stop the show, because her and Spencer's dad will be watching for the first time.
  • Freddie helps Carly so the show can still go on.
  • Carly giggles under her breath after hearing Freddie speak Spanish.
  • After Carly realizes that Spencer can help her and Freddie with the show, she grabs Freddie's hand slightly and quickly to lead him downstairs with her.
  • Freddie knew that Carly was fake crying which even Spencer didn't know.
  • Carly gets revenge on Lewbert for throwing his man purse at Freddie by filling it with sour milk left out in the sun for two weeks.
  • Freddie goes along with Carly's plan not to break character.
  • Freddie and Carly were both fine about doing the show without Sam.
  • Freddie has a sympathetic look on his face when Carly fake cries.

iBelieve In Bigfoot:Edit

  • It is interesting to note that only Carly and Freddie are dressed in costumes and not Sam.
  • Carly and Freddie come down the stairs together side by side.
  • In one of the card-scenes in the opening credits for the third iCarly season, Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Spencer are in an RV. Carly and Freddie are sitting next to each other, and are both imitating truck horns.
  • In the first promo, Carly turns to Freddie for comfort when Bigfoot arrives.
  • Carly sits next to Freddie in the RV while Sam sits next to Spencer.
  • Carly smiles and actually very interested while Freddie talks "nerd talk", and defends him from Sam's insult.
  • When Freddie got upset because Sam insulted him, Carly told him to just put up his tree cameras, in a similar tone to "Please, for me?" and Freddie said "Fine", like he always does the same way.
  • Carly laughs at Freddie's comment about Sam hurting someone besides him.
  • Freddie and Carly look out the window together and have a conversation.
  • Carly pats Freddie's arm when he got upset about his tree cameras being stolen.
  • Freddie tells Carly that the squirrels are not wrestling and she says, "Oh." Carly also mentions that Sam is asleep, and appears to be flirting with him a little, until Spencer comes out wearing his camo clothing.
  • Carly is sitting in the same seat as Freddie while talking to Spencer in the woods.
  • Carly was holding on to Freddie once they saw Bigfoot in Sam's trap.
  • Carly and Freddie react first and together to Spencer's yelling.
  • Carly convinces Freddie that they are going to stay in the woods till they find Bigfoot.
  • Both start to think together that Bigfoot stole their RV.
  • Carly is seen standing or sitting close to Freddie throughout almost the entire episode.


  • Freddie looks sad that he has to slow dance with Nora than Carly. Carly has to dance with a clown at Nora's crazy birthday party.
  • Freddie looked at Carly like he wanted her to save him from dancing with Nora.
  • Carly and Freddie were waiting together for Sam's mom to pick them up, and Carly jokingly teases Freddie about making a plan for the trip, telling Freddie that he's just like his mom. The viewer gets the impression that she knows Freddie is just trying to be helpful, but she can't resist.
  • Before Nora puts the music on Carly looks back at Freddie.
  • Both said "tape" at the same time.
  • When Carly says "If you just heard a loud crack, that was my heart breaking" she looked straight at Freddie meaning when Freddie broke up with her.
  • When Carly says "Let's do a little iCarly" Freddie says "Sure" then Carly watches Freddie get his camera.
  • Carly and Freddie have the same phone, except Freddie's has a blue pear and Carly's has a pink pear; Sam's phone is completely different.
  • Carly grabs Freddie's arm and tries to convince him to put his lips on the glass, because she is hungry. Freddie exclaims "Are you serious?!"
  • Freddie picks up Carly after her failed Nora attack attempt and holds her back. Then he slowly takes his hands off her shoulder.
  • Carly smiles when Freddie does his nerd talk, possibly because it is "cukey."
  • There were more than four parts where they kept on touching one another.
  • Freddie grabbed Carly when he got scared.
  • Carly kept on smiling every time Freddie was entering the room or talking.
  • When Sam was trying to smash the window, Carly and Freddie were sitting on the floor next to each other.
  • Nora doesn't seem to like Carly as much as Sam and Freddie, possibly because she feels that Carly is threatening her chances with Freddie.

iBeat the Heat:Edit

  • The episode starts with Freddie and Carly complaining to each other about the heat, with no Sam or Spencer.
  • When Freddie checks the temperature for a second time, he swivels in his chair, much like Carly did in iWant My Website Back ( when she tried to see if butts have muscles, and to show that she can move a chair without her feet touching the floor ).
  • Carly's facial expressions show her disappointment to Freddie's reactions when he accepts her invitation to invite Sabrina over.
  • After Sam's comment about Sabrina "bursting into flames and/or tears" on seeing Freddie, Carly and Freddie share the same expression of frustration.
  • When talking about Lewbert's "wound" both Carly and Freddie are equally grossed-out.
  • When Freddie asks how he looks Carly said good with a smile on her face.
  • Freddie and Carly have the same weird expression on their faces when Spencer talks about his dream.
  • Carly asks Freddie to watch her "Utopian Society" while she goes out into the hall to talk to Griffin.
  • Carly asks Freddie to help her get up on the counter.
  • Carly has to hold Freddie's hand to get off the counter.
  • Carly finds it humorous when talking about Sabrina as someone who Freddie likes, and shows that she possibly cares that he has a new love interest.
  • Carly stops Freddie from talking about Sabrina's height when Sabrina walks in the room.
  • Carly repeatedly stops Sam from constantly making fun of Freddie, and his new love interest.
  • Freddie is very, very insecure around the girl Sabrina, who is Gibby's cousin, who he met online because she is taller than him.
  • After Sabrina accidently breaks Carly's project for school, in which she had worked really hard on, Freddie doesn't date Sabrina anymore. Sabrina "acted like a big monster" by stepping all over Carly's work for school.
  • Carly stopped smiling when Freddie asked if Sabrina could come over, because she probably didn't want them to date.
  • During The episode Carly has shown jealousy of Sabrina.

Season 4Edit

iGot A Hot Room:Edit

  • Freddie, along with Spencer, Gibby and Sam work together to re-build Carly's room after it was burned up by Spencer when he tried to make her a bear lamp for her birthday.
  • Only Carly and Freddie's room have been seen so far besides Spencer's briefly.
  • In the sneak peak, when they are running down the stairs from the fire, Freddie is running down the stairs and Carly is behind him. He keeps turning back to look at Carly to check that she is behind him and that she is ok.
  • Carly has a pillow in her new bed that says "Church Pants" on it, and that was something Freddie said to her in a previous episode.
  • One of Carly's new pillows says Ointment 500 and Freddie's mom talks about his ointment regularly.
  • Carly texts Freddie when she leaves The Groovy Smoothie.
  • When Carly leaves to the Groovy Smoothie, Freddie wishes her "good luck", and Carly says, "Thanks"
  • Freddie does all the techy things for Carly's room, such as the make up station, and her wardrobe, which she really likes.
  • Freddie showed Carly the trampoline and Carly smiled when Freddie "jumped into bed".
  • When Sam "jumps" onto Freddie, Carly has a shocked and worried look on her face.
  • Freddie looks sad that Carly has to work off her bedroom than Spencer, because Spencer burned down Carly's room.
  • Carly's pillows have two saying from Penny tees Freddie wore/said before (Poodle Juice, Church Pants)

ISam's Mom:Edit

  • Carly notices Freddie's new pants and comments on them.
  • Freddie stays with Carly when The Shadowhammer was looking for him.

IGet Pranky:Edit

  • Freddie is impressed with the prank Carly pulls on him (and Sam)
  • They glance at each other a couple of times

ISell Penny-Tees:Edit

  • Carly helps Freddie make money for his "tech hobbies" when he doesn't have enough after selling behind-the-scenes videos of iCarly.

.Freddie says to the girls that he thinks Carly and Sam make really good bridesmaids.

.After Gordon's Grandmother steps on Carly's foot, Freddie asks"want me to rub it?" Then Carly looked up in shocked and confused and Freddie said "you rub it".

.When Carly grabs the microphone, Freddie smiles.

.When Carly sings Shakespeare, Freddie does the lights and he looks at her smiles and is happy for her.

IStart a Fanwar:Edit

  • Carly dates a guy called Adam, but at the end there is a twist! (According to Nathan Kress)
  • The twist may be Freddie saying that he still love Carly.
  • Max said there is going to be a "BIG surprise" in this episode.

iHire An Idiot:Edit

  • Dan posted a photo of Carly and Freddie having a serious one on one talk in the hall outside the studio.

IPity The Nevel: Edit

  • Since Nevel has a crush on Carly like Freddie, How will Freddie react on seeing Nevel, since he has been in a relationship with Carly? (iSaved Your Life)

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