ok so this meli's stroy but im doing for her because she can't finsh it so im doing for her oh i can't do it on youtube because skylar tryed two times and it didn't work at all so im doing on here cause it's faster on here this story is by creddie girl sxxx litte miss lovely

carly: freddie i love you

freddie i love you too baby

(miranda had ran all the way from home to the hoptial it carzier)

miranda: mommy are u ok

carly; sweetie how did you get here

miranda: i ran all the way here it was carzier

  • jocelyn walks in*

jocelyn: mom that's a name of a song

carly: what song by who

jocelyn: carzier by tay lor swift

carly:oh taylor swift i know her she sanged that on hanna montana the movie right joce

joclyn: yes that's right mother

ok i will finsh tomorow p.s this is ally that made the story my real name is allisa but my nick name is ally ok so call me ally

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