i will put up joni and freedie love story part 6 soon

with the besons

ady:mom wake up



freddie:carly the kids have school and i have work so bye babe

carly:bye baby

ady:bye dad

lexi:ady is mom up

ady:yes she is

emma:ady lexi gabby bailee

ady lexi gabby bailee:yes emma

(just than bailey walks in with kayla)


bailey:yes kayla

kay:where is aunt carly


carly: hi bailey (hugs her)

kay:aunt carly!

bailey:hey little sis

p.s mya is 2, kayla.m is 3, penna is 4, jessie is 5, lexi is 6 , gabby is 6, natile is 6, liz is 7, lucy is 7,nicole is 7, kayla.f is 7 ady is 8, ariana is 8 ,filnn is 8, janne is 8,zuri is 8,nina is 8, lily is 9, hannah is 9,kyle is 9,gina is 10, ravi is 10,myia is 10,david is 11, sabrina is 11, chyina is 11, bailee is 12, luacs is 12, luke is 12, renee is13, emma.r is 13, max is 13, emma.b is 14,amber is 14,rocky is 14,cece is 14, lacey is 14, natalia is 15,alex is 16, happer is 16, ty is 16,and sorry jade cat and tori are 1they are they are the littlest in the benson family

fuul names lets start with benson

jessie samantha benson

alexis adrsion benson

gabrilla monez benson

adriana jennette benson

ariana miranda benson

lilanna lexi benson

david lucas benson

bailee madsion benson

emma arianna benson

jade lizzy benson

cathaire nina benson

victoria roseyln benson

the puckttes

nina eilabeth pucktte

kyle adam pucktte

gina kayla pucktte

sabrina kay pucktte

lucas david pucktte

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