Carly: Freddie, I'm the Queen of the waves.

(Carly jumps in the water.)

carly: I wish I was a mermaid!

(Carly comes up behind Freddie.)

Carly:Freddie I'm mer-

Freddie: Mermaid. You are a mermaid, Carly. Wow.

Carly: Yes (shows Freddie her tail.)

Freddie:Sam come here

Sam: What's up, Fredward?

Freddie: Carly is a mermaid.Babe, show her your tail.

(Carly shows Sam her tail.)

Sam: Cool hair Carly. It's blue! mama like :D

Carly: Thanks Sam.

Freddie: I love it Carly. It's beautilful.

Carly:Really Freddie?

Freddie; Yes, baby. (kisses her)

Carly: Not here, under water.

(Freddie dives down)

Freddie: Carly, how are you breathing?

Carly: I told you, Freddie,I'm a mermaid.

Freddie Does this mean we can't be together?

Carly: No, I just need to help my mom,Crystal. My aunt Elly is ruling the Ocean Kingdom, but I love you Freddie. ( kisses him)

~ Afterwards Underwater~

Zooma the Dolphin, Carly's guide: Follow me Carly!

Carly: OK!

~ In the Ocean Kingdom~

Kaylee: Hey, your human and not a mermaid.

Taylor: I'm Taylor and that's Kaylee! And you are?

Carly: I'm Carly. And yes im human, but when I was a baby my mother gave me this necklace so i can turn into a mermaid whenever i want to.

Kaylee & Taylor: Oh. Nice.

~ A little afterwards~

Lizzy, Elly's servant : It's time for the wonderful Elly Festable!!!!!

Elly: I am your ruler! I will remove my neice, Carly, who is part and her boyfriend on land!

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