6 mouths later

carly:sam the baby is coming

sam:k lets get to the hopital

(at the hopital)

carly:call freddie for me tell him i'm in labor


(sam calls feddie)

(freddie didn't answer his vicoemail answerd)

sam:hey freddie its me sam carly is in labor get to the hopital now she needs you freddie your carly needs you freddie so call me back 414-72649-11023 or carly at 414-97652-01268 hurry to the hopital for your carly and baby do want to see your newborn 4 twins nina amber drake and luke be borned hope you et my message

(sam goes back in carly's room)

sam:he did not answer me so left him message

carly:he must be the middle of his meeting with his work

sam:do they care abou his family and wife perganet with his 4 twins

carly:nope they don't care about his family or anything about him

(sam got a call from freddie)

sam:hey freddie

freddie:hey sam i can't come right now i'm meeting tell carly i will be ther three hours

sam:k i will freddie

(call ends)

sam:carly freddie will not be for three hours

carly;i know he is his meeting we told this morning if the baby comes that we will be three hours because of his meeting

with freddie

freddie:boss i have to go my wife is labor

freddie'sboss:she is perganet

freddie:yeah she is boss sorry i have to go boss can have meeting tomorrow when twins are not borned

(at the hopital)

freddie:hi nurse gabby um... mrs. benson

nurse gabby:melissa benson kevin benson or carly benson

freddie:carly benson plaese my wife

(freddie goes to her room)

freddie:hey babe

carly:hey baby

(the twins come out)

carly:nina gabby benson and luke tyler benson

freddie:amber lila benson and drake barin benson

sam:aw cute names you guys

(at home)

carly:baby want to have more sex when amber nina drake and luke are two

freddie: sure babe

2 years later the twins are 2

carly:wanna do it know

freddie:sure babe

(they make out)

(they off there shirts)

freddie:(kisses her tummy then her belly buottn and works away to the top)

carly:(kisses body and neck but body more then she kisses his abs she feels storng musles)

freddie:oh babe your kisses my abs

carly:(kisses his neck)

freddie:oh babe stop but it feels good when you do it (cawrls on top of her)

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