kaily and miranda:mommy

carly:what my girls

kaily and miranda:where is daddy

carly:at work

p.s carly & freddie have more kids but they are at school kaily &miranda were sick today so could not go to school they had to stay home today they don't get home till never stat over night t school not weekends

(freddie walks in the)

fredddie:where are kaily & miranda

carly:upstaris sleping

freddie:ok then lets do this (pulls of her shirt she is wearing pink bra and he kisses her body)

carly:oh freddie thats feels good keep going

freddie:k babe

carly:(takes off his shirt and shorts and patties and kisses his neck)

freddie:(takes off her bra and skrit and patties still kissing her body)

carly:oh baby that is soooo good

freddie:you want m kisses your neck and you kisses my body

carly:yes babybear (kisses his body)

freddie:(kisses her neck)

carly:baby it feels good want to have sex with you baby

freddie:oh thats my girl

carly:what is oh thats my girl

freddie:shake your botty

carly:ok (shakes her botty onto his tummy and puts her bra paaties than skrit back on)

freddie:(put his patties and shorts back on and kisses her tummy)

the next day

carly:sam can you get me test

sam:sure carly wait you & freddie had sex didn't you carly

carly:yes we did

(sam comes back with the test)

sam:go take it girl

carly:i'm preganet

(freddie walks in)

freddie:hey babe (kisses her lips)

carly:freddie i'm perganet

freddie:(kisses her lips again)

(sepencer walks in)

sepencer:carly your perganet


freddie:(kisess her tummy) i don't worry baby mommy will not worry about sepncer

sepncer:i don't fucking care (leaves and takes freddie with him)

carly:baby what bout our baby it loves you

freddie:i know babe (kisses her tummy one more time) i love you two

carly:i love you freddie

with freddie

freddie:what you doing

sepncer:you had sex my sister didn't you freddie

freddie:yes i want to have sex with her i'm sorry sepncer man i'm sorry there no she get rid of it she does not want to sepnce

sepncer:her life is over freddie over

(freddie leaves)

with carly

carly:freddie you came back

freddie:so i can with wife and baby

(at the docters)

nurse kayla:you are having two baby boys and two baby girl

carly:lets go home freddie

freddie:ok babe (kisses his baby boy)

(at home)

with creddie

carly:lets come up with a cute name for our baby boy

freddie:how about luke tyler benson gavin kyle benson kyle kevin benson

or kevin bardy benson

carly:what about justin tyler benson or drake barin benson how about nina gabby benson or amber lila benson

freddie:drake luke nina and amber

carly:ok so drake barin benson luke tyler benson nina gabby benson and amber lila benson

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