Since day one, Creddie love has been in the air. This article reflects on those moments from Season 1-3.

Season 1 MomentsEdit

iPilot: Freddie offers Carly juice and a bagel and his cell phone.Edit

iWant More Viewers:Edit

iDream of Dance:Edit

iLike JakeEdit

Season 2 MomentsEdit

iSaw Him First: Freddie wants Sam to date Shane, so Carly can date Freddie.Edit

Season 3 MomentsEdit

iSaved Your Life:Edit

Carly helps out Freddie with a camera rehearsal until he gets shot by Sam with her paintball gun.

Carly is almost run over by a taco truck, but Freddie saves her life by pushing her out of the way, and taking the pain.

In Freddie's bedroom, Mrs. Benson says the accident happened because he hangs out with freaks. Freddie takes offense to this and says "Carly and Sam aren't freaks!" and Mrs. Benson looks at him. Freddie rephrases and says "Carly's not a freak!"

Carly and Spencer visit Freddie in his bedroom, with Carly bringing flowers for him, but they end up being soaked in bleach and pounded by a mallot by Mrs. Benson. Also, before leaving to ruin the flowers, Freddie's mom tells Carly that it "should've been" her who'd gotten hit. She flirts with Freddie after Spencer goes to the bathroom by playing with his toe, and Freddie smiles. Carly tells Freddie, "You saved my life", Freddie doesn't feel like he saved her life, but Carly tells him that Sam said that truck would have ran right over her. "Maybe", Freddie says and smiles happily.

Later, Carly comes back in with Mrs. Benson, with cupcakes for Freddie, who is taking a shower. Mrs. Benson tells her and Freddie that she'll be gone for 36 minutes, and (again) tells Carly on the way out that she should have gotten hit. As Carly looks happily around Freddie's room, at one point opening his closet door and finding a poster of herself, with her reaction being happy, she becomes worried when hearing a splash, and Freddie cries for help.

However, he doesn't want Carly to see him because he's "in the shower!', so Carly covers her eyes with his socks and eye swimming goggles, falls on the floor, but gets right back up and helps Freddie out of the shower and into his bed.

Freddie thanks her for her help, but Carly says, "You shouldn't thank me." Freddie asks why not and Carly explains "If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't need my help." Then, Carly tells him that everyone at their school is calling him a hero, but he says "That's dumb". Carly says that he is one, but Freddie tells her that he is not a hero. "You could have been killed trying to save my life. That makes you a hero", Carly replies back. Freddie frowns, and says he doesn't feel like one. Carly then says that he's a hero to her, and she sits on his bed, near him. Then, to Freddie's surprise, she moves closer toward him, and they finally kiss.

Note: When they first kiss, the audience cheers and claps for them, almost as if they had been waiting for them to kiss.

The kiss becomes intense until Carly finishes kissing Freddie, who is shocked and dazed. Carly asks if he is OK. Freddie says "What?" Carly laughs and repeats "Are you OK?" Freddie is in shock and says "Yeah", then asks Carly to hand him his Galaxy Wars stun gun. She does that, he activates hit, and shocks himself to make sure he is awake. Also, Carly's face is shocked and confused. When he finishes shocking himself, Carly asks why he did that, and Freddie says, "Just making sure I was awake." He touches Carly's face, cheeks, and lips, and he says, "Yep, this is happening!" Carly chuckles, and asks him if he wants it to happen again. Freddie asks "Right now?" and Carly says "Oh, yeah, right now." He says sure and they start kissing again until Mrs. Benson walks in. Carly tells her that she's taking his temperature. Freddie begs Carly not to leave, but Mrs. Benson forces her out, whacking her with his underwear. Then, she sprays a "freshener" all around Freddie's bed, much to his annoyance.

At school, Carly and Freddie (using crutches) enter the school together and a mob of girls runs toward them asking questions. One girl runs up to Freddie and says he looks cute in his cast. Carly becomes increasingly jealous and after being unsuccesful in getting rid of the girl, she turns Freddie around to kiss him. Both engage in tongue kissing until the girl says she was thinking the two of them already had plans this weekend, and Carly says, "Yep, we do. See ya!" The girl leaves, and Freddie responds to the sudden kissing by saying "Wow. My kitty's got claws." Both meow at each other. They kiss again in the hallway after Sam calls them "Mr. and Mrs. Benson.", with Carly kissing him goodbye as she heads off to class.

Later, in the iCarly studio, Freddie comes in, using crutches still, and sees Carly playing a video game. When Freddie says that he's going to fix something on the iCarly website, she says that she loves it when he talks "techy", calling it "cukey (cute and geeky)", but Freddie notes that she never called his tech talking "cukey" before, and she says,"That was before.. we were... you item" and they kiss again. However, Sam's explanation eariler at school makes Freddie halt the kiss, and Carly notices that he "retreated" from the kiss, and asks him what's wrong. Freddie asks her, "So, are we like boyfriend and girlfriend now?" Carly answers "I don't know...maybe." Freddie also says that he likes her "better than most soups." and Carly asks him if he wants to kiss her, or "bump up" his "8.43 Gigahertz" server, but saying it wrong. He corrects her, and they both kiss each other again, but he groans, and hops away (on the crutches). Carly says that he mustreally not want to kiss her, but Freddie denies that. Carly then says that she has her lips "all glossed up" and that he's treating her like his icky cousin Amanda. Freddie cries that he's just her "foreign bacon", and Carly asks if the truck hit him too hard. They have a talk, with Carly telling Freddie that she thought he wanted her to be his girlfriend since the first day she met him. Freddie admits that, but reminds Carly of her saying that she didn't like him "in the good way". Carly says that that was before he saved her life, which makes Freddie says that nothing has changed.

Carly finally admits that she loves him, and is sad when she says that he doesn't want her to be his girlfriend, but Freddie quickly says that he does, and promises her that after he is removed of the cast and "the whole hero thing washes over", and if Carly still wants to be his girlfriend and loves him still, that he'll be happy for her to. After Carly says "Okay", they are silent, feeling awkward, and they both make horse noises.

Then, Freddie says that he has to leave so his "mom can spray me", and they both chuckle. He heads into the elevator, and Carly says, "Well, I'll see you tomorrow." Freddie says, "Yeah... Um, wait..." and before he leaves, he tells her that he didn't know that when they kissed before, it would be their final one for a while, so he tries to ask her for another one, but can't finish his sentence. Carly gives him a kiss on the cheek (and the audience goes "Awww..."). Freddie smiles, and Carly sweetly says, "Goodnight, Freddie." Freddie waves goodnight and leaves via elevator. While in the elevator, however, Freddie lays back and begins to realize what he just did. He asks himself "What did I do?" and (in the extended version) after that, he screams "WHAT DID I DO??!!!"

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