carly:hey baby

freddie: hola babe where is jo (her real name is jordan but i put jo cause thats what creddie calls her)

sam: hey fredward here is mckenzie (witch creddie calls kenzie)

jo: hey mommy daddy

sofie: hi mommy daddy

gaby: mommy emma daddy ginger lexie balieey yeah my my sisters

nadia: hey baliee

baliee: hey nadia

nadia: hey makala

makala: hey nadia

freddie: hey jeff

jeff: hey freddie

carly: hey jordan and rechal

jordan and rechal: hey carly hows it going with freddie i know when sam and freddie dating you need us but we always were there for you witch always will be there for you all the time it fun to have best firend that is sweet lovling kind caring joyful and nice to you we love to having firend like you it is sweet to have you around as firend oh kalia is the hopital:(

carly: what kaila she is the hopital oh my god i mean omg that horbile poor kaila is she ok

jordan : no she is not maybe don't know:(

carly: ok:(

freddie:whats wrong babe

carly: oh baby it about kalia

freddie: what happend to kalia

carly: she is in hoptial:(

freddie: omg

sam: sunt up freddie

carly and jordan: hey sam

sam: sorry jordan and carly

rechal: sam you be quit shh sofie is sleeping

carly:yeah sam now shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

the next part coming soon ps this is by ally

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