carly: hey baby

freddie: hey babe jordan: hey mommy emma: hey mom

carly: hey girls ( kisses there forheads)

freddie: sweetie carly: yeah freddie: i love you carly: love you too (kisses him) jordan: mommy daddy is gone why are kissing the pillow carly: oh sorry thought daddy was here

jordan: he is not mommy 
carly: freddie you here

freddie: yeah im here sweetie carly: i was trying to kiss you

freddie: sorry babe mia was crying 
carly: oh baby (kisses him)

freddie: ( kisses her back) carly: ( takes off her shrit she is wareing a blue bra) freddie: ( takes off his shrit his srtong arms were wapred around carly) carly: freddie you so strong freddie: thanks babe

carly: your welcome baby

freddie: is ther...( carly inprtes him) carly: can i fell your muacules baby freddie: yes you can babe is there anything need to talk about you carly: yes freddie: what carly: im pregent freddie: you are carly: yeah freddie: babe wanna go to dinner because don't have to cook dinner carly: yeah baby we sould freddie: jordan emma the girls: yeah daddy freddie: we are going out for dinner the grils: yeah yoo emma: dad where's mom is she coming freddie: yes emma mom is just geting ready for aunt sam's wedding mom is the flower girl big one emma: so am i too jordan: what about me ems emma: you are the litte one jordan jordan: oh ems

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